How E-Cigarettes Have Been Proven To Help You Kick the Habit

As technology continues to influence the way humans are progressing in all faculties and disciplines, it appears it can also help us with bad habits, and smoking is no exception. A few years ago, the concept would have been virtually unheard of but these days they are both well recognized, and broadly embraced by the general public, as you can see for yourself on And, when you consider the slough of health hazards they replace by taking cigarettes out of the equation, it’s not difficult to see why.

As competition heats up between different companies it can be difficult to find objective sources of information so here are some of the clinical facts about electronic cigarettes and how they provide a safer way to smoke.

According to the American Journal of Public Health a study that was carried out to gauge public awareness of e-cigarettes discovered that 40% of participants had heard of, or were aware of them. As they become so well entrenched in the market place they have become an alternative for would-be quitters who have tried “everything”.

A study that was carried out in Italy wanted to gauge how successful e-cigarettes were at assisting people to quit smoking and be able to sustain giving it up. For the study, three Caucasians, two men aged 47 and 65 and one woman aged 38, were given the opportunity to quit smoking with the aid of an electronic cigarette. All of them had histories of unsuccessful attempts at quitting smoking. The three participants were successful at quitting and managed to abstain from smoking for at least six months after the study. The research, backed up by personal testimonials, has been a valuable resource to show how electronic cigarettes have a place as a cessation aid for smokers, half of whom are going to die because of the habit.

Other research published in the International Journal of Clinical Practice has also proven that e-cigarettes contain very little risk when compared to the toxic chemicals being burnt in cigarettes. The fact that electronic cigarettes do not produce harmful passive smoke that is dangerous to the people around the smoker is highly significant in terms of being able to give smokers a healthier alternative through which to get a safer, milder dose of nicotine and possibly even look to wean themselves off it for good.

The only thing lacking in an electronic cigarette is will power; that’s something you’ll have to find within yourself. But e-cigarettes definitely can make getting there a lot easier to manage.

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