How Educational Apps Help In Understanding Concepts Better

How Educational Apps Help In Understanding Concepts Better

Most of us are exposed to mobile applications unlike the earlier generations. They are used for different reasons like booking a train ticket, check your exam results and so on.  These applications are also used for educational purposes like learning Geometry, owing to their ability on making things simple.  For teaching concepts at home, these apps are nothing short of a boon.

Students nowadays dread the mere thought of repetitive practice. This is exactly where edu-apps come to their rescue by making the practice simple and easy by adding attractive visuals and audio. Below are some points that portray the role of educational apps in ensuring conceptual clarity fairly well:

Facilitates Understanding

Students are provided with ample opportunities to understand concepts which are otherwise quite difficult to explain or comprehend. To describe this phase, we could use verbs like retell, restate, infer and paraphrase etc.  Unlike the conventional answer ending with the right or wrong ones, students are able to come up with open ended answers as which would help them to summarize what they have learned with apt translation.

The Role of Educational Games

The same way games are considered to be a real distraction for students while studying, the flip side these games have is in the form of grabbing the attention of students for long hours. This is exactly the place where games based on Trigonometry and so on helps to engage students for an exciting ride while learning about the same.  The high definition videos with engaging sound effects elevate the interest of students to learn more and do more. Tutors nowadays highly recommend using these apps as they would be able to monitor the progress of students using multiple mobile devices like laptops, I-pads, Smartphones and so on.

Arrival of Interactive Forums

The use of mobile apps has raised the level of understanding of students by the arrival of online forums where tutors and students could interact among themselves real-time using I-pads within the classroom with lesson plans that stimulate their interest while aligning with the educational syllabus of students. For delivering lectures to students of class 6-10 and so on, these forums would act as lesson plans to supplement what they have learned and simultaneously publish them for students real-time.

Manipulative Educational Tools

Technology has advanced to such an extent that mathematics lessons could be taught with virtual fraction bars to make it feel like we are having hands on experience of mathematical concepts like decimals, fractions and percentages to consolidate our understanding to an advanced level. This would make complex math concepts come alive and help students to explore how the pieces of the puzzle makes the whole.

These reasons provided above would have given you an outline on why most people resort to educational applications for enhancing their learning and would do so in the years to come.