How Fellowship Program In Management Help In Enhancing Your Career?

How Fellowship Program In Management Help In Enhancing Your Career

Before we learn about how fellowship in management can help you augment your career, let’s understand what is fellowship program and how does it helps in enhancing your career prospective in the job market. So what is fellowship program in management and why is so attractive to both organizations and applicants? Read on to know more about it.

Fellowship Program – All You Need To Know

In order to understand to understand the fellowship program let’s first understand the meaning of fellowship. So what is fellowship? Fellowship as Oxford dictionary defines it as a friendly association, especially with people who share one’s interests. So by that definition Fellowship Program is a professional program that usually concentrates on the professional development of a person who is doing the program.

Fellowship programs are usually short-term prospects that range from few months to several years and are generally sponsored by a third party organization or an association, which is looking to expand the leadership in their respective fields. But who is a fellow? So to answer that question a fellow is someone who belongs to a tribe of people sharing and pursuing mutual knowledge. While there are numerous fellowship programs in the market, we are going to talk about fellowship in management or fellow program in management.

What Is Fellow Program In Management?

Used interchangeably fellowship in management and fellow program in management are one and the same thing and refers to full time, residential doctorate program, which comprises of studies related to various fields of management and other related functional areas. The fellow program’s basic aim is to train the fellows to become highly skilled and innovative researchers or teachers in the various fields of management.

Since fellow programs are paid they are good opportunity areas to enhance your skillset and also build your professional credentials without the additional encumbrance of part time jobs or even student loans. Generally, fellowship in management is for senior professionals with some experience looking to take their career to a next level.

Why Are Fellowships In Management Beneficial?

Fellowships in any field are beneficial but it is exceptionally beneficial to both participants and even the organization. Here are some of the benefits.

  1. Fellowship programs focusses on leadership skills at par globally.
  2. It is a perfect combination of on-job training and theory that allows the fellows gets a hands-on experience and far deeper learning.
  3. Fellowship helps in creating a support system of in the form of cohorts, mentors and networks.

Now that we know something about fellowship in management, let’s learn how HR certifications help you in getting into a Global Fellow Program in Talent Management.

Wharton HR Certifications Program And Fellowship In Management

Are you thinking about the relation between the two? Or are you aware of the relation. Certifications help you in building your professional credentials along with validating your professional skills in the eyes of prospective employer. TMI-Wharton HR Certifications are your best bet if you want to go for fellowship program in management. But what is TMI-Wharton School of Management partnership and what it does it spell for talent management?

When Talent Management Institute and Wharton School of Management joined hands together they designed and delivered two of the most power-packed Talent Management Programs that will help in equipping the senior HR professionals globally with the knowledge of all new principles, models, tools and other related Talent Management practices.  The two programs are Associate Fellow Program In Talent Management and Global Fellow Management in Talent Management for senior and high profile HR professionals.