How Fiat Is Conquering Social Media

Fiat is an Italian auto maker that has only recently invaded the U.S market. The American market is particularly tough to crack due to intense competition and because many Americans tend to prefer large trucks and SUV’s while Fiat produces very compact cars. Let’s take a look at how Fiat is making a splash in the States via social media and a creative marketing campaign.
Fiat’s Facebook Challenge
In order to promote the Fiat 500 Abarth, the company selected five bloggers to participate in a driving challenge along with five pro drivers. This tactic works because it offers Fiat the ability to introduce their product to automotive enthusiasts who may not be familiar with the brand yet but who may have learned about the contest on Facebook or another social media site. Selecting active bloggers also increases exposure for the brand since many have followers on other social media platforms such as Twitter.  In addition, Fiat also offers driving challenges across the country for Abarth owners.

Celebrity Endorsements And Youtube
Fiat also enlisted J-Lo’s starpower in order to bring the Fiat 500 to the attention of U.S consumers. The 500 was the star in superstar’s music video “Papi” and in various prime time commercial spots. This marketing strategy uses the singer’s popularity in order to appeal to a larger demographic. JLo’s fans who may not have been aware of the brand may be more attuned to the brand or even inspired to take the 500 out for a test drive after getting a glimpse of the car. The video shows the singer driving through the city in the 500 and has received over 58 million views on Youtube. The brilliant part of this campaign is that the product placement is subtle; we all know it’s there but it isn’t the primary focus of the video. It’s entertaining content that happens to feature brand products here and there. The company has also enlisted Charlie Sheen for a commercial in order to increase the brand’s appeal to male consumers; the spot was featured during Super Bowl.
FiatTeams Up With McDonalds
The European auto maker also offered 30 Fiat 500 cars to winners of the 20th McDonalds Monopoly contest. This is a great example of an off-line marketing campaign. Online advertising and social media is the rage now but you may want to combine that with an off-line campaign for maximum results. Some people respond better to more traditional marketing methods.
Written by Jacqueline Starz –  The Fiat 500 is a compact affordable small car that is priced at around $16k for the base model. Fiat Dealer Cincinnati offers great deals on the 500 in OH.  Companies such as Enterprise Car Sales can increase brand visibility via social media campaigns.