How Films Affect The Society And Life Of Everyone Residing In It?

How Films Affect The Society And Life Of Everyone Residing In It?

The advent of black and white films, then the addition of sound and later the colored film has changed the lives of people drastically. Besides depicting stories, films touch on various aspects of life and existence. Some basic elements of a film are title, plot, characterization, point-of-view, settings, costumes, cinematography, editing and sound effects. At the depth of it, the factors that influence the audience, their thought process are – themes or cinematic tropes, messages, use of symbols, metaphors and the subtext, which impart meaning to the plot.

  • The filmmaker understands very well that the target audience should be everyone, irrespective of class, caste, religion and gender. Reason behind such concept is that the audience provides feedbacks and rates the film. Their opinion and approval gives the film the status of either a hit, average or a flop story. The composition of films is for this audience, the followers and supporters like Clay Hutson.
  • What also matters is the impact a film leaves upon the audience’s mind. Since film is the reflection of society, its past, present and future, the audience is capable of relating with it. The role of movie in life differs from person to person. For some, it might be a route to escape from the real world while some take it as a medium of education. The moving images, the actions and reactions of characters, the sound effects all engage the audience emotionally to the film. That’s one aspect of the film’s influence over the society.
  • The most magnificent aspect of this industry besides its unparalleled prominence is that it has some place for every type of artist. The variety of creative and unique jobs it offers is what attracts thousands of aspirants to leave their ordinary life behind. The urge is to work in this innovative zone and develop as an artist.
  • While the food stylist is responsible for preparing and artistically styling it, their presentation is a part of many magazines, billboards ads but also incorporated in TV shows and movies. The clarity of the movies and daily soaps all depends on the skills and technicality of a focus puller. The fascinating and spectacular background structures and props are the artistic works of the carpenters. These are some opportunities, which many fail to notice besides the roles of writers, directors, actors and producers. The point here is that every character comes together to put a complete show. Thus, every job and role is equally important and demanding.

Films are made by the people for the people. Thus, it retains the element of emotion to connect with the audience, delivers messages through the story and leaves an effect on them. The effect is more positive upon the mental health. On relating with certain characters and situations, it stimulates and help release certain emotions that were otherwise piled up inside. The main motive is toentertain and influence the audience. This follows a trust and love from supporters like Clay Hutson that understand the true value of films in their life.

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