How Foreign Internships Bind Social, Cultural And Technological Aspects

How Foreign Internships bind Social, cultural and Technological

Now a day’s business offer internships to students and fresh graduates from abroad. And amazingly even in the time of crisis in the global economy there is a large number of applicants every year applying for internships abroad. This large number of students and fresh graduates tend to become bridges of hope and peace among countries and regions. With more and more communication as one get to know more about our friends and family we also get to know more about strangers. These strangers travel from their countries to seek opportunities of learning in abroad businesses and markets.

A source of social and cultural binding

Foreign internship is great source of social and cultural binding between host and guest countries. As students learn more and more from their host business also learn about their culture and their social values while they stay. This becomes the source of social understanding and cultural learning. As internships become source of knowledge regarding business and trade these internships also become sources of cultural and social knowledge for both host and guest country representatives. Businesses provide interns (students) with business knowledge that carries technical and ethical perspectives of business. On the other hand the visiting student carries his values and ethics in the other country as a representative of the country. This makes the intern the ambassador of the nation. The performance and the abilities of the intern develop the image (in general) for the whole country. With business promoting and aiding in the foreign internships programs this practice is becoming more fruitful. Interns are invited with compensation and benefits to the host country from lower income countries with poor economies. Thus these countries are given the opportunity to send in their best students to learn about business and global market that will help them develop their own economies and businesses.

Technological transfer through foreign internships

Foreign internships become sources of the travel of technology and knowledge regarding the innovations and technology equipments as an intern goes abroad for the purpose. This transfer of knowledge becomes source of development for the country that send in its students abroad. A country with poor economy and developmental structure seeks such opportunities of foreign internship for their graduates to provide their graduates with up to date required knowledge and skills that can help them develop and strengthen their economy. More and more of the technologically related businesses are markets are now joining hands to develop student internship programs that will help the knowledge spread and development of new markets abroad for business and for sales. These steps have clearly changed the fate of the new generation’s knowledge learning abilities. Now students can practically become part of businesses abroad and are able to serve their own country better.

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