How High School Students Can Stay Organized?

For teenagers, high school can be a stressful and difficult time. They need to juggle between different activities, sports events, classes and preparing themselves for enrolling to top universities. This can be rather overwhelming for many students. In reality, it is possible to achieve all the above if students are healthier, have better self esteem and try hard to achieve higher grades. Organizations in high schools can be divided to maintaining healthy, having good study habits and ensuring proper time management. For students, it is important for them to manage time properly.

High school students have fluctuating activities. In one week, they may have multiple projects due, while at other times, they may have nerly nothing to do, especially after exams. In this case, it is important for students to properly manage their schedule. High school students will also have a number of social obligations that they need to meet. It is clear that it can be rather challenging to keep track of them. With proper planning and scheduling method, students should be able to keep themselves organized. There are multiple scheduling and time organization apps for smarthones and tablets that they can use.

In many cases, it is better to use simple calendar apps with built-in alarms or reminders, than not using anything at all. A planner should allow for detailed daily schedules and any activity can be highlighted. Teachers don’t hand out itinerary for specific semester, so it is important for students to get themselves fully organized for the task. Parents should also always remind their teenagers to keep themselves updated. Any sports and social activities can be included in the personal planner as well – events, meetings and training sessions can be marked down. It is also a good idea for parents to use the same mobile apps too, so they can synchronize schedules with their children.

At the start of each semester, teenagers and their parents can sit down together and fill out their planner. Important events, such as mid-semester and end of semester exams should be included in the app. Parents could define when teenagers should start to prepare for these exams and daily schedules can be added. Students will also need to take SAT and ACT and these tests will be offered only a number of times each year. By performing this task, parents can make sure that teenagers don’t plan anything irrelevant on important days. In the planning app, we can also mark down all deadlines for applications and college visits.

Students with proper planning habit will likely to have higher GOA. Teenagers need a proper time to study and do their homework, without any kind of distraction. Study sessions should be performed at exactly the same time each day, so teenagers can form a habit. Once they have established the habit, it won’t be necessary for them to even include the study session in the planner. With daily study time, there will be more than enough time for students to improve their skills and prepare for exams, even if they are still months away.