How Homesick College Kids Deal With Missing Mom

A simple work like making the bed or putting the clothes in the washing machine may seem to be an arduous task for many children, let alone purchasing janitorial cleaning supplies in order to keep their room tidy. College kids living in dormitories face the dilemma of either adopting a shabby unhealthy style of living or doing all the housekeeping jobs – jobs that were probably handled by their moms when they were living at home.
You, as a parent, may often be worried about how your kid, living in a dormitory, is coping up without you doing all the cleaning, washing, and even making the bed (well, this is a little exaggeration of course). But behold; these kids are smarter than you think. They have come up with solutions of their own to the problems that they face while living away from home.
The demand and supply rule, the basis of all entrepreneurship, comes to rescue the kids living on their own in college dormitories.
Various services are now being offered by the fellow students to their peers to make their lives easier, while the service providers earn handsome amounts of money for their efforts. Room cleaning and janitorial services with required supplies have become popular with many kids living in dorms that are either too busy or too lazy to keep their rooms clean. For a small amount of additional expenditure per semester, you can make sure that the room your kid is living in is properly cleaned and has a healthy atmosphere.

Janitorial cleaning supplies as well as other supply services run by students have become commonplace in many college dormitories. Children living in these dorms now can also order just about everything to be delivered to their doorstep. A kid busy with his studies cannot go out, but he can order a pizza or a sandwich or even corn beef – in short, whatever he likes for dinner – right from his room just by clicking a few keys on the keyboard. The trend of students providing services to their peers has created a win-win opportunity for all. Those unwilling to spend time on housekeeping efforts are relieved of the work that they don’t want or don’t have the time to do. On the other side, this arrangement has given an opportunity to those who are in need of some extra money to pay their tuition or to bear the living cost in an expensive city.
Sending your child off to college can be downright scary for most parents and for good reason. Knowing these two things though may make the transition a little easier: your child won’t have to live in a pig sty and at the end of the day, you won’t be the one to have to clean it all up.

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