How Is A Milk Allergy Cured?

Before we look at cures available for milk allergy, it is important that we differentiate between treatment and cure. These are two terms that most people confuse. While most diseases, illnesses and health conditions can be treated, not all have a cure. Treatment does not necessarily mean the use of medications; therapies and long-term disease management are also treatments. In this regard, treatment aims at lessening pain or any negative effects of a disease a patient may be experiencing. On the other hand, cure aims at eliminating the cause of disease completely.

For some time now, conventional cure for milk allergy has not been available. Homeopathic practitioners have however claimed to have cure for the same. Indeed, certain herbs have been used for centuries in curing milk allergy mostly in adults. Recent developments however indicate that milk allergy can indeed be cured conventionally. Below are the now known milk allergy cures.
Allergen Avoidance
Although not really a cure in itself, avoidance of milk and milk-related products has been the traditional method of dealing with milk allergy. This is where allergists, immunologists and general physicians recommend to patients the need to avoid the same so as not only to eliminate allergic reactions but also to prevent the resultant symptoms.
A treatment regime developed by allergists and immunologists at both Stanford University School of Medicine and Children’s Hospital Boston in the US, desensitization has already proved as a successful milk allergy cure in children subjected to the same. The cure involves administration of the drug Omalizumab alongside ingestion of a small amount of cow’s milk. This combination has been found to be very effective in helping children allergic to milk build resistance to the allergic reaction. Children exposed to this regime later had their cow’s milk intake increased and never showed any signs of allergic reactions.
Homeopathy has traditionally remained a cure for milk allergy. Although many people do not buy into the idea that herbal medications cure milk allergy, positive reports by scientific studies undertaken on the same herbs have made many come to realize that indeed the herbs are effective in curing milk allergy. Some of the herbs and other organic cures that have been widely used include aethusa cynapium (Fool’s parsley, apis mellifica, Natrium Carbonicum (carbonate of sodium), Magnesia Muriatica and Sulfur amongst others.
The fact that there are now milk allergy cures does not in any way mean that dealing with milk allergy has finally been made easy. The truth is that milk allergy is a serious and life threatening condition and those allergic to milk must avoid the intake at all costs. Apart from homeopathy, the desensitization treatment regime is still under further studies and research to authoritatively establish its efficacy. It is therefore still very important for those allergic to milk to continue taking precautions so as to be on the safe side as much as possible. There is however no doubt that with continuing research into milk allergy cures, more effective methods are bound to be discovered.
John Peterson is a pediatrician and parent with lots of experience with different kinds of allergies. He has a long experience in the treatment of milk allergy (which the Danes call mælkeallergi) and can provide lots of information about that problem.