How Is The Economic Climate Changing?

How Is The Economic Climate Changing?

The economy is changing, whether for the better or worse, we still do not know. There are just so many variables that need to be accounted for when I comes to evaluating the world economy. It is an extremely volatile “object” if you like, people talk about the economy as though it is a living organism and it in some ways is. It is crazy to think about the importance we all place on an efficient economy, money really does make the world go round.

The economic climate around the world is changing in an extremely interesting way. Obviously since 2008 there have been many market uncertainties but things are apparently starting to take a turn for the better.

I am still a little skeptical, there is no way the current situation should be deemed as stable, it is certainly better than it was but I feel it is a gross exaggeration to call it stable.

There is still a lot of volatility and growth is still on a negligible scale, we are all still feeling the pinch and prosperity certainly has not increased. People need to work out what it is they want in their lives economically and countries need to do the same. I feel coordination is key to getting the whole global economy back playing the same tune.

China has recently announced that her economy has stagnated a little and what’s for sure, we don’t want the Chinese economy to slow down much more. This article will try to predict where the economy in this country is heading and what that is the direction in my opinion.

Cyber World

We live in an age dominated by the internet and I firmly believe a focus on the internet is going to formulate the body of the economy in the future. The manufacturing industry is naturally a leading economic force but the internet in the future will almost certainly play catch up successfully.

There is just so much potential with the internet, so many companies and now the introduction of 3d printers, people will be creating their own toys, games, cutlery from the comfort of their own home.

Technology is something I am fascinated with and I believe it to be incredible, the internet controls us already and it has only just been invented (in the grand scheme of life) imagine the future.

Personal Power

People will be much more in control of their own economic destiny in the future, I feel governments will take a step back and people will become more informed about the way the local and global economy works. This again would be down to the internet.

Emerging Markets

This is the area where investment managers such as Alok Oberoi would suggest for routes of investment. There is just so much potential in these emerging markets such as Africa for example. Countries and private investors can make millions, it won’t be instant profit but if you are in it for the long term this is certainly the route you have to look into going down.

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