How Kids Can Stay Healthy Even In Summer

Children enjoy the summer months because this means no school work and more time for idle entertainment. But this can mean a different thing for working parents who have to find a way to be with the kids at home and make sure that the kids’ time is also spent in a healthy manner. Often, the children also take a break from doing physical activities, sleep really late and binge on junk food and snacks. The risks are so great that some children can develop stage 2 diabetes because of this. But with the busy schedule, how can parents manage this? Below are some tips and provide the children with healthier summer environment.
A. Send the kids to Summer Camp. Many parents make this arrangement ahead of time. Summer camp is like sending kids off to school, but instead of taking academic lessons, they learn fun stuff like sports, creativity, surviving camp and team work. There is less time to become couch potatoes, this way because the kids are really encouraged to participate in the scheduled activities. Rates for summer camps are competitive these days and the activities cater to different kids of interests. It’s one of the best ways to let kids enjoy summer without being idle, and it’s also a good time for them to meet new kids. Summer camps are also educational in that the kids can explore museums, parts and even classical movies, as part of the course.
B. Visit relatives. If summer camp is too expensive, this may be a good time to send the kids off to grandma’s if this can be arranged. The best part about staying with their grandparents is the food, especially if grandma is the type who prepares home-cooked and healthy meals. Meanwhile, grandpa can teach the kids to go fishing, or take them for a walk. It’s these simple pleasures with the older relatives that kids should relish while they are young.
C. Hire a sitter. Sometimes, parents are left with no other option but to let the kids stay at home while they work. Hiring a sitter to watch the kids should be imperative then, and the mother or father has to make sure to instruct the the sitter to encourage the kids to also spend a few hours outdoors. Remaining cooped up in their rooms playing video all day cannot only affect their mobility and lessen their body’s ability to burn fat, it can also lead to eyestrain and stress. What’s even better is  if the parents hire a sitter who can initiate activities to be done outdoors, even for at least two hours in the day. The important thing is that kids should still get their exercise and mental stimulation even when, technically, summer is the season for downtimes.
D. Spend weekend activities together. When parents are not working during the weekends, this would be a good time to schedule activities together. Father and son can go to the gym, while mother and daughter can attend yoga class and then get their pampering later on. The whole family can also enjoy a stroll in the neighborhood during Sunday afternoons.
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