How Modern Education System Ruins The Health Of Youth

How Modern Education System Ruins The Health Of Youth

We have all gone through an education system and are possibly planning on how we will pass our future generations through the same. There is a lot of debate surrounding the modern education systems that exist. Some are for it, and others are propagating for change.

If it weren’t for education, I probably wouldn’t have been able to write this article. Each one of us has different experiences in schools. From freaking out as exams approached the corner, to enjoying the school expeditions for learning outside the classroom.

It could also be one of the reasons that propelled you to write an MBA statement of purpose.

Modern Education and Stress

Well, if you have ever sat or prepared for an exam, you understand the pressure that comes with preparation. Most of the existing systems emphasize grades. Thus, pitting students against each other.

This focus on grading causes a lot of stress on students. We were encouraged to get A’s or good grades to ensure that our future life is sustainable.

As a way to ensure that one gets a “good,” it is common for students to pull all-nighters or even use medication to keep them awake. It is all in the attempt to cover every single angle that may be on the test.

In a Survey by the Guardian, early last year shows that around exam time, there is an increase in mental health issues among primary school children.

The survey was conducted before the students sit their SATs. It is a high-stakes system that is affecting teaching and learning in primary schools, i.e., according to the report.

A survey by a support service for schools, the Key further indicates that in the past two years, there has been an increase in stress, panic attacks, and anxiety, among students.

Many students fear academic failure as you would in your statement of purpose MBA.

  • The Case of Singapore

If you search for exemplary educational systems around the world, chances are, you won’t fail to find Singapore in some of the lists. The OECD (Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development), found Singapore students with high levels of anxiety about grades and tests; than the other international students in the study.

A psychologist from Insight Mind Center, Daniel Koh, said that the number of school-related anxiety cases has risen over the last five years. According to the report by OECD, about 80% of Singapore students worry about getting poor grades in school.

Dr. Thomas Lee from Resilienz Clinic, states that such academic related stress can even lead to self-harm.

  • Effects of Technology

We cannot deny that technology has changed almost every aspect of our lives. However, overreliance on technology, especially among students has its set of challenges. Teachers and other significant players in the education sector are looking for ways to make education, interactive and fun to students.

It has led to the incorporation of technology into the traditional methods of teaching. Many teens spend most of their time using their digital devices. From connecting with friends on social media to researching on the internet.

I can also bet that you used the internet when looking for a statement of purpose for MBA services. The increased use of such devices leads to sleep deprivation among students.


Our educations systems aim at imparting knowledge and encouraging learning among students. However, we need to revisit our policies and find an efficient way to achieve all that and more, without affecting the health of the youth.