How Much Exercise Do You Need To Stay ‘Healthy’?

What exercise do you do to stay ‘healthy’?

Exercise can usually be banded within 3 categories; High, medium or low intensity. Where you are within these areas will rely on what  current ability you are at. According to a BBC report (amongst other sources) is that low to medium activity is the correct way to look after your fitness. What is it that constitutes the relevant level of exercise?

A recent government study shows that only 37% of males and 24% of females  exercise enough to see and feel a benefit. The shocking part is that in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle, all you need is needed is 30 minutes of medium intensity exercise; 5 days out of 7 with a lot of people are still not achieving that.

Being an avid runner,  fast walking (maybe a jogging) a few miles will more than likely be a very low amount of working out. If you don’t currently exercise at a good level, then this may be your idea of hell. The first step is to find out where you lie, and find out the limits that you are capable of pushing yourself too. If you  find your strenuous level then you will need to move down from there.

So what can you do? An honest answer is anything. A fast stride with the dog can count as a medium intensity activity. As long as you move your heart rate up and feel a little warmer, then you are likely to be in the correct threshold.

If half an hour seems like a lot of commitment then you can always break that down. Walk to and from work, or go for a stroll at lunch. The thing to remember is that you just need 30mins throughout the day, which is easily achievable.

Find a training partner;

Another good trick is to focus on, is getting your recommended amount of working out and exercising, and getting family and friends involved. Why not start jogging with a partner to keep motivation up? If you don’t fancy running outside in the cold then you always have the option to look online and you will find many treadmills for sale.

Start Slow;

Remember to start slow. If you haven’t used running as a way of keeping fit before, then you need to be careful, you need to start slow and build up. Starting with a fast walk/jog you can get used to the forces at work. Then when you feel comfortable, you can progress to a run.  Try running for a small amount, 15 minutes will be sufficient, then have a 5 minute break and run again. This will help relieve some of the strain and give you time to catch your breath. Then of course, after a few months of building up, you will be able to confidently hit the tarmac and get some distance under your belt.

This is an easy method to follow that involves no money and just needs a little motivation. With this it is easy to break the trend of sitting in front of aTV. Ultimately it will improve overall health and fitness, leaving a feeling of being more satisfied and motivated, ready for a days work.

Alex Wright works in health and fitness. He has a passion for all things to do with the industry and is akways looking at the latest craze. If you need any Home Gym Equipment then feel free to get in touch!