How Open Should You Be With Your Massage Therapist? 5 Tips To Increase Your Relief

How Open Should You Be With Your Massage Therapist? 5 Tips To Increase Your Relief

Your massage therapist has seen it all. Your treatment and pain relief is always the goal of the session, and part of that undertaking is by being open with them about what you feel, how you feel it and what your expectations are. You might be getting pain relief from a car accident or other physical injury. Regardless of why you’re in, you need the best relief possible, and the therapist wants to give that to you. Here are five tips for a better massage therapy experience.

Be Honest

Be sure to be honest and open during your session. Openly communicate before the session, during, and after. They’ll try to check in throughout, but don’t be afraid to let them know if it hurts or doesn’t feel like it’s doing anything. Being honest with your massage therapist is important to improve your pain relief.

Before the session begins, be clear and concise about specific areas that hurt, and what caused your ailments. Do not hide any medical issues or your medical background; it’s important to be as open and forthright as possible with your therapist. When they have all of the information about you and your injuries, they’ll be better able to form a suitable and unique treatment plan for you, from acupuncture to chiropractic electrical stimulation and more.

Dress Comfortably

When you’re on the treatment table, it’s up to you what you want to wear. You can wear anything from your undergarments to nothing at all. Your massage therapist will always keep you draped respectfully and only uncover the body part they’re working on. Just know that at times, some massage therapy treatments need less clothing to get deep into the muscle and tissue. They can still do their job with more clothing, if you’re uncomfortable, but it could impact how effective your relief is.

Be Specific

During the massage, if the therapist does anything you don’t like, speak up! They want the best possible experience for you, and if the pressure or location of the work doesn’t provide you any relief, let them know. Your massage therapist wants you to be as specific as possible when describing where and how exactly you feel pain. They are able to change their massage technique in the moment into a more therapeutic experience for you.

Be Open

Try not to be shy about the experience: be open about the lighting, the music, the blankets, the temperature, the whole package. Your massage therapist can adjust any aspect of the experience for you. They want you to be as open and comfortable as possible so your massage experience is tailored exactly to your liking.

Provide Feedback

After the massage, tell your therapist what you liked and didn’t like. Your honest and open feedback will help them cater to your expectations in your future sessions. Be patient with your therapist; they probably have many clients and it could take a while for them to remember the specifics about you.

Eventually, your therapist will know and remember exactly what you like and where your issues are. Then, you’ll no longer have to remind them every time you go in for treatment. In addition, any adjustments or changes should be communicated to your therapist as they arise, so they can adapt to your needs. The daily stress of your life can take a toll on your body, so your needs will shift over time. Be sure to keep your therapist abreast of what’s going on.

Be as open as you can be during your massage therapy session. The more open and honest you are, the better experience you’ll have and the more relief you’ll get. As time goes on, your massage therapist will come to anticipate your unique preferences for an effective, pain-relieving therapeutic session. And eventually, you’ll finally get the pain relief you’ve been seeking.