How Our Pets Show Unconditional Love To Us

Your pet loves you – a lot. The bond between a pet and their owner is so pure and unconditional, and that’s a beautiful thing. Here are some of the ways your pet shows their love for you.

They Trust Us Wholeheartedly
Your pet shows their unconditional love to you by the way they place all of their trust in you, no matter what. Your pet trusts that you’re going to feed them on a regular basis and take care of them. As long as you do so, they have no reason to worry that you won’t. They love you show much and so unconditionally that they trust you wholeheartedly.

They’re Always Excited to See Us
When you walk in the door and you’re greeted with the energetic, overjoyed reaction of your pet, you know that they love you unconditionally. Their excitement doesn’t fade over time, and it doesn’t go away. Even if they stop running to the door every time you enter, you’ll still see how happy they are to see you whenever you greet them after you’ve returned home.

They Support Us When We’re Upset
Animals have the uncanny ability to sense human emotions. Your pet is particularly in-tune with your emotions, and they’ll always be there to support you when you’re upset. Animals can sense our sadness, and they often come over to us as their way to make sure we’re okay and show their support for us. When you’re down, your pet can almost always improve your mood, and that’s because you can feel and appreciate their strong, unconditional love for you.

They Want to Come Back Home
Sometimes, dogs or cats escape or become lost, and it can be a very scary experience for everyone. You know your pets love you unconditionally, however, because they desperately want to come back home. Sometimes they’ll find their way on their own, and other times they’re found by a third-party and returned to you. When they are, you can see how relieved and happy they are to be back with you, which is a sign of how much they love you and their home.

They Want to Make Us Proud
Lots of animals show how much they love you by trying to impress you or make you proud. For example, cats and dogs might kill smaller animals and bring them to the doorstep. While it might seem disgusting, you can at least appreciate that they did it because they wanted to show you their conquest and make you proud of them.

They Help Save Our Lives
From time to time, you’ll hear a story about a pet who called 911 to save their owner from a stroke, or a pet who pulled a drowning boy from a lake. In incidents like these, it’s never more evident that a pet has unconditional love for their owner. They love you so much that they’re willing to risk their own life or take some type of action in order to save yours.

Katherine Brown is a counseling student and animal lover who likes to write about the ways that love from pets can help alter our moods.