How Pain Treatment Brought My Life Back

Chronic Pain

Living life with chronic pain is heartbreaking for everyone involved. In addition to dramatically affecting my life, the pain affected my family, my job and even my friendships. Through pain treatment I was able to gain my life back again.

Pain Treatment

My pain was debilitating and progressive. It affected nearly every area of my body including my thinking processes, movement and sexual activity. Pain treatment was the answer for me. It used the science of pain management to set me free. The spinal cord plays an important role in the body, and it can be utilized as a center for blocking or modifying pain information before it is relayed back to the brain. I have found that the interception of pain is most effectively addressed through an individualized pain treatment plan. Pain management and treatment improved my physical condition, my ability to function and it allowed me to return to work. I am progressively experiencing new levels of pain free living.

Overcoming Depression

Living with chronic pain affected every area of my life. It even caused me to experience depression. Scientific research shows a correlation between depression and the body’s pain receptors. Individuals experiencing depression experience greater levels of pain when compared with happy, emotionally stable individuals. I was stuck in a downward spiral, because the pain causes a chain reaction of discouragement, hopelessness and then depression. Depression caused me to experience even greater levels of physical pain. The pain treatment freed me from depression by alleviating the chronic and debilitating discomfort.


Chronic pain had restricted my mobility and made exercise almost impossible. Pain treatment gave me my life back again. It increased my mobility which allowed me to begin exercising again. Under the direction of my doctor, I began a daily exercise routine. As my stamina and mobility are strengthened, I am able to build a stronger exercise routine into my schedule. I have begun to lose weight which has increased my energy level. The exercise has also increased my endorphins which are responsible for happy and stable emotions. My general outlook on life has been dramatically increased in a positive direction. Weight loss, renewed energy and happy emotions have become the norm once again in my life.

After All

I am no longer living life with chronic pain, because I have achieved freedom through pain treatment. I am once again able to freely enjoy my family, my relationships and my work. I have renewed energy, stamina and increased mobility. I am no longer heartbroken; I am happy. I have a ticket to a new life, and I am empowered to live my life to its fullest. I am thrilled with the results of pain treatment; I have my life back again.

Peter Wendt is a writer and researcher working out of the great state of Texas. He has been writing about pain management for several years, and he finds that this is a great site