How Pallet Covers Are Used In Goods Transportation

Pallet Technology

Pallets are portable platforms, usually made from wood, which allow manufacturers and distributers to easily distribute products all around the globe, either by sea, air or freight. However, the pallet only forms part of the packaging required to transport goods as they often need to be secured together, and to the pallet so that they do not fall off the pallet or become damaged during transportation.

Pallet Covers

This is where pallet covers come in; they are used to help secure products to the pallet and themselves, but they have also become more advanced than this.


Controlling the temperature of products when they are transported is vitally important as many products have operating temperatures. Outside of these temperature limits the products may become damaged. This is where the development of thermal and insulating pallet covers have come into use. They help keep products cool or warm during the transportation stage of their journey.

Thermal pallet covers trap air between the products and thermal layer, which in turn radiates heat away from the products they are protecting. Insulating covers do the opposite by trapping air between the products and protective layer, but instead absorbing the heat around them. The covers which are used will often depend on the type of transportation being used and whether the transportation used is also heated or cooled.


Pallet covers are also used to help protect products from getting damaged by dust and water. This is most likely to happen as the products on the pallet move between different forms of transportation. For example they have travelled by sea and are then transported to a lorry which drives to a plane in the middle of the desert for the final part of the journey. It is important to make sure that at these vital switchover stages nothing is damaged.

For many companies reusable pallet covers have also become an important part of the shipping process. With so them shipping so many products on a daily, weekly or monthly basis it has become important to not only help save the environment, but keep the cost of shipping down. Reusable pallet covers allow companies to achieve this goal.

So there we have it, there are many different types of pallet cover that integrate one or more of the uses and features outlined above, to protect your products as they are shipped or transported from one place to another. Without them companies would incur higher costs as goods would get damaged and inevitably need returning.

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