How Paper Shredding Is An Eco-Friendly Process

Paper shredding is a practice that many different businesses, government agencies and other organizations engage in on a regular basis.  Some places use their own paper shredder and others outsource the task to a professional shredding company.

Companies send their confidential documents to the paper shredder for a variety of rThis easons, and the whole process can be considered eco-friendly.

How It Works
Basically, when a company needs to have documents destroyed, they enlist the help of a shredding service.  Sometimes it’s a one time thing and other times it’s more of a regular thing.  The shredding service will either destroy your documents right there in a mobile unit at your business, or take t all away to shred at their own facility.

After the documents have been shredded to the point that they can no longer be put back together, all that shredded paper is taken to a recycling facility for processing.  What were once stacks of files and other sensitive documents turns into completely different paper products through the recycling process.

Recycled Paper
By sending your confidential papers out for shredding, you really end up making a difference to the environment.  Thousands of trees are saved every year from paper recycling, as every tonne that’s recycled saves approximately seven mature trees.

Some of the other benefits of recycled paper are that it uses over 40% less energy and 50% less water than paper products made from virgin wood pulp.  The air pollution factor is over 70% lower with recycled paper.

Most people lean toward paper shredding for security reasons, but the eco-friendly slant is one that really shouldn’t be ignored.

The Importance of Shredding
Aside from the environmental element, paper shredding is important to protect the security of your business and your clients.  Identity theft is a big issue that can be virtually eliminated with a high quality shredding program in place.

Many jurisdictions also have legislation that mandates the destruction of sensitive documents, so it’s also a legal issue.  Having sensitive information compromised could mean the end for many types of businesses, as lawsuits and customers leaving in huge numbers would be soon to follow.  Not many people realize just how important a paper shredder can be to the very survival of a modern business.  Take paper shredding seriously, and you will reap all of the benefits that a paper shredding system provides.

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