How Parents Should Eliminate Go-Back-to-School Apprehension?

Many families often need to gear up for the annual struggle, related to back to school activities. They will need to purchase new clothes, shoes, pencils, textbooks and many others. For many parents, these expenses may cause huge angst. They could think that there won’t be enough money to deal with this kind of expenses. Parents will need to create a to-buy list and in this case, it is important for the whole family to take advantage of the entire pre-school sales. There could be some kind of anxiety that children need to deal with. There could be the dread of anticipation, related to the possible interactions with new people. Many children would think that others won’t judge the same way and other students won’t accept them.

When asked to express their feeling about returning to school, students may say that they are feeling funny and they don’t know when other will like them. They are quite apprehensive whether there will be people who want to talk to them. They are also concerned whether teacher will be mean or nice. The whole situation can be really scary for them. These are also things that adults feel and it is important for parents to understand with how children may feel. In fact, adults who are relocated to other offices or get a new job, know that same feeling. Parents should instruct children how they can re-establish new relationships with other students, new teachers and new coaches. Children should use positive self-talks to make them feel much more confident.

Positive self-talks can be beneficial for both children and adults. There are many sentences that parents can teach to children. As an example, each time children enter the school, enter a new classroom and meet a group of new students, children can say loudly in their mind that “I’m a huge, brave lion and I’m roaring…RRRAARRR!!”. This small exercise could really instil a significant amount of confidence among students. Their school experience will become much more bearable and they will be able to communicate more easily with other children. Children will also be able to step outside their comfort zone and they will be able to broaden their self esteem. Students will notice that they are growing internally and this could happen only if parents instruct them properly.

Parents should also be able to teach students how to express their fears. Students who are not able to express their fears will tend to be more scared. Parents should be on the lookout, whether their children seem to keep their fear inside. These students could be too entrenched within their comfort zone and they will be less participative to other things that happen outside their expectations. In this case, parents can be a huge comfort to their children, if they acknowledge the position. Level-headed parents should be able to show children that they have caring and friendly attitude. This will make children feel much more confident about themselves.