How Real Estate Websites Like Housing.Com Work

How Real Estate Websites Like Housing.Com Work

In the present day, advertising is extremely important. It helps businesses remain in the public eye for a considerable period of time. It also ensures that people are well aware about your offerings. The need for marketing has increased manifolds over the last decade. The real estate sector is not too away from this trend. It has come into the existence because of the basic human need for shelter and the craving for a roof over the head. Over the years it has been molded to include a wider range of demographics. With the advent of technology, internet is considered to be the one-stop source for all information. The real estate sector has realized that and hence it has made inroads with their marketing campaign to carve out a niche for themselves in the World Wide Web, thus prompting many real estate classifieds website to go live in recent years.

Traditionally, print media was the cornerstone to the elite real estate marketing business plan. Small ads appeared around a Breaking News article vying for your attention. Over the last few years, this trend has been changing. People have realized the cost-effectiveness of digital media over traditional media. Even the end consumers were looking for newer and more effective ways of looking for a house. With websites like, the user is not only more connected but also the options of looking up project details, previous work, floor plan, addresses adds to the overall user experience. This experience is the main catalyst which drives forward the real estate classifieds website.The catalyst which has now turned into a pre-requisite.

According to the data released by National Association of Realtors (NAR), about 84% of home-buyers and home-sellers turn to internet when it comes to maximizing their advertising strategies. People who rely on television spots, books or realty magazines to hunt for houses are dwindling in number in recent past. This information is critical in the establishment of the fact that the real estate classifieds websitelike Housing.comis the driving force behind this sector. Any investment towards building a robust and effective online presence will ultimately pay rich dividends.

Writing advertisements for real estate classifieds website can be tricky. Gone are the days when you could post an ad which read, ‘2 BHK apartments available at cheap cost. Call to book now’. The advertisers now have learnt the trick to lure prospect customers into reading their snippets with catchy headlines as if their words have a sweet siren and readers are enticed by its beguiling charm. Headlines like, ‘What will your favourite spot be?’ or ‘Made by men. Envied by God’ with alluring photos of houses are bound to grab eyeballs and hook in the reader to a point where they decide that this advertised address, is worth getting the P.O. Box number changed.

Along with the pros of online marketing, there are a lot of fraudulent activities which leaves an indelible mark on the reputation of this field. In US alone, around $400 billion dollars are lost annually to fraud related to online scams and cheats. Home buyers and even sellers are not sparred from these malicious deals. People pose as sellers and ask for a certain percentage of money wired to an account so that the buyer can be assured of a very cheap ‘sounding too good to be true’ deal. The lucrative property acts as the perfect bait and before the person realizes his folly the money would have moved several accounts and hands and for all you know it might be being spent on a beach in Cayman Islands or be stashed away in one of the countless numbered accounts in Zurich. The best way to avoid all these is to not just blindly rely on real estate classifieds website ads but to also do the ground work the good old way, for fraud has no religion and can strike anyone.