How Secondary Students Control Distraction During A Healthy Meditation

How Secondary Students Control Distraction During A Healthy Meditation

By keeping the country’s situation in mind, everyone is stressed. They are worried about their career, health and growth. Due to the COVID-19 attack, many students sit at home and isolate themselves without any physical and mental activities. For this, a healthy meditation is something important. Distraction is very common during meditation.

And how you handle distraction is the important part. Distraction is a really difficult part when it is required to blank your mind. You have to gain a lot of experience, and all these experiences are beneficial for you.

Meditation is like learning to ride a bike or drive a car. It requires discipline and concentration. You might make mistakes at once, but after that, you will be able to stay focused. It is something really difficult to stay quiet and awake at the same time. Also, sitting at a peaceful place without any outside environmental factors. It is important to learn how to stay focused and keep practising it. Here you will see how effectively you can tackle each common distraction.

Don’t Create New Conflict

Many students are living in an imaginary world. They are not living the world as it is. Thinking about new hopes and making a wish to experience them is all we do. While meditating, creating new conflict is the distraction itself. Of course, we need more peaceful, more concentrated, and more highlighted things for meditation. You should have the calm that helps you in keeping yourself secure from distraction.

The Moment Of Noticing

The moment you notice you are distracted, it is something important thing. At that time, you might be moving from an unconscious behaviour like daydreaming or having random thoughts. Sometimes it feels like you start comparing yourself to other meditators that is a main cause of distraction. Instead of comparing yourself, do a perfect meditation and keep yourself calm. Every person’s unconscious behaviour is different; it is your thing how to meditate and stay attentive.

Ways Of Approaching Distraction

Here you will find two basic ways of approaching distraction written by Alice while writing a dissertation writing services:

  • Bringing your attention back to the meditation process is the important thing. Keep the focus on your breath, physical sensation, and your presence. You have to do it with full compassion.
  • You have to examine how you treat yourself and how your mind works in the moment of distraction, and the time when you notice it.

The approach you choose depends on the type of meditation you are doing. Don’t forget the goal that is to stay calm and relaxed throughout your practice. Distractions are the key part of the whole meditation practice.

Tips For Reducing Distraction During Meditation

Get some best tips for reducing distractions during meditation and resolving them. Learn from these practical tips and take advantage of them.

Processing Recent Thoughts

The most important thing that causes distraction is the processing of thoughts. Of course, the mind needs the time to process the current thoughts. For instance, If you are watching a movie, your focus will be on the most beautiful or thrilling scene. Or, if you are working on an account, then your focus will be on the balance sheet. Similarly, if you are doing meditation, you should stay focused and calm on your practices.

Following Random Thoughts

Even if s person is in deep thoughts, they will feel the noise of their surroundings because students are now focusing on everything around them. If you meditate, you have to remind yourself repeatedly that I am meditating, and I have to focus on the things I am doing. No matter if your mind has been distracted, you have to come back to the meditation.

The Song In Your Head

Today’s generation is fond of music. They listen to the 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s music of the popular singers in the world. These kinds of music are not only amazing but peaceful as well. During meditation, these kinds of music play a vital role in distraction.

But you have to relax and see how effectively you can control the entertainment and focus on the meditation.


Physical pain is also a cause and distraction during meditation. Many students are facing back pain, headache, and multiple things. To control such pains during meditation is something important.

The best thing will be to manage the pain and learn from it. Creating a more relaxing environment so that you can stay peacefully in your practice will be perfect for you.

Sexual Fantasies

According to the yoga tradition, sex is a psychological need as much as a physical one. The pleasure of sex can be satisfied by thinking or dreaming about it. Sexual thoughts engage the part of the mind that finds satisfaction in imagination, not in reality.  But the good thing is that sexual energy can be redirected in meditation. Sexual fantasies are a huge distraction while meditating. It is necessary for you to patiently feel the breath and let your nervous system quietly relax.

Myth Of Silence

Meditation requires silence because it is something that everyone should understand. Having a peaceful environment is important while meditating, and if you are in peace of mind and place, you will be more focused and relaxed. Silence in meditation is something much deeper; it is the silence of the inner witnessing mind. Focus on meditation and yoga will help you in building your concentration.

Emotions And Desires

People have emotions and desires in their minds, and they want to fulfil them through their hard work and skills. But sometimes, it is not easy for them to complete their desires because of many issues.

While meditating, students may think about these wishes, which is also a form of distraction that everyone should avoid. Do not ignore these thoughts, but concentrate on the emotional energy and try to overcome them.


The ego is one of the most affected parts of the distraction that distracts you and damages your mental peace. It always influences the negative energy and distracts you from your motivation. No matter how many thoughts are running in your mind, it is important to take a deep breath and think about the situation that is triggering you. Also, leave small things aside and just concentrate on the activities that you have to do with a peaceful mind and relaxation. Gradually, you will keep the ego aside and do your practice with peace.


Students definitely required some time for themselves that helped in being relaxed and peaceful. The meditation practices are a great choice for students and adults as well. Get some great ideas from the guide about how to control distraction during a healthy meditation. You will be inspired with basic tips that are beneficial not only for students but everyone else.

Meditation is not something you do once a month with concentration, but regular practice is something that everyone should do. If you can’t meditate for hours, then try with 10 to 15 minutes daily. It will nourish your practice, and you will be able to meditate regularly.