How Sentiment, Memory And Personality Influence Jewellery Selection

Jewellery is everywhere, whether it be costume, vintage, every day or just a statement of your personality it all has its own value to us. Sometimes it’s a case of seeing what the celebrity world is wearing but it can also be something you have seen on the high street or on friends. Money is always a factor when considering which brand to go for but it’s always nice to treat yourself to a little gift or leave a few “subtle” hints when a special occasion is coming up.
A reminder of a special time: a memory, a proposal, the birth of your child, a wedding day, your something borrowed and blue (many people receive gifts on the morning of their wedding from bridesmaids and most importantly the groom) are all factors. Charms are the perfect gift. That’s why a four leaf clover for luck or a blue gem that could be your borrowed and blue, a small wedding charm with a cake on or the letter to what will be your new name are such great presents.

As women we love to keep memory boxes with letters from past loves, cinema tickets from a first date and as we grow older so does the amount of memories we hold, including pictures of best friends and loved ones, birthday cards that meant a lot or just that card that says I love you. These are things that can contribute to your style and appearance.

These things might seem sentimental on the face of it, but they are also personal. You can also express your character with quirky jewellery which highlights just what you are all about: that ring that people think is weird but always gets so much attention; the bracelet you have been wearing since you travelled the world that’s holding on by a thread, but you just keep tying till you have no material left; the anklet that now turns your ankle green but you still keep it because you loved it so much when you bought it.

Then there is the vintage: you see your mum wearing something in a picture and wish she had kept it because it’s all in fashion again; that one off necklace that you just have to have and you justify it with the fact it will never age any more than it already has and it will go with everything. It’s a part of our life a time, a place, a memory as much as a bunch of pictures.

Sylvie Macmannus collects jewelley pieces, writing here for Argento Contemporary Jewellery