How Should You Prepare For Plastic Surgery?

Making the decision to go under the knife can be one that comes with many overwhelming feelings. A lot of people become very happy, as they are finally sorting something out that they probably have been considering for a long time. This can do wonders for a person’s self esteem. However, there can be a long road leading up to the big day, and it can be difficult to know how to prepare for an operation which can be serious. By taking steps to prepare, you will ensure that your surgery goes well. If you don’t prepare in the best way, it can lead to long-term complications. For example, lack of preparation can lead to your surgery scars not healing properly, or can lead to blood clots or infection. Knowing what mistakes to avoid that can slow your recovery is a great idea so that you can optimise your recovery period. Learn how to best prepare in the lead up to your surgery right here. 



Just like preparing for any other major surgery, the diet that you have in the months before your procedure can make or break the success of your surgery and the ease of your recovery. Increasing your intake of foods that will aid in your recovery is a great idea. For example, foods that are high in protein can really help your body prepare for surgery. Proteins are vital for the creation of new blood cells and collagen. These are great nutrients for healing scars. It also strengthens your immune system, which can help your body fight against potential infection. Fruits and vegetables are also a great food source that you should increase your intake of in the lead up to your surgery. Rich in vitamin A and C, selenium, and manganese, these nutrients help to fight against tissue damage and can increase the rate of your healing process. Drinking lots of water can increase your hydration which can help your healing and rejuvenating processes in your body.

Cutting back on salt, sugar, and refined carbohydrates such as white rice and bread is also a good idea when it comes to preparing for your plastic surgery. These foods can encourage inflammation and suppress the immune system, which can hinder the healing process and encourage infection.

About a week before you go under the knife, refrain from herbal and vitamin supplements. While you might consider this contradictory advice, Omega 3 capsules or supplements containing ginger, flaxseed, or garlic can interfere with blood clotting, which can lead to serious complications during surgery. Making all these dietary changes will set you up for success when preparing for your surgery. 



There are many benefits to increasing your exercise in the run up to plastic surgery. A steady regimen of aerobic exercises has been shown to radically reduce fatigue post-surgery. There are many cardio-vascular benefits to regular aerobic exercise, which can drastically improve the success of your surgery and your recovery. However, it’s important that you don’t create unnecessary stress on your body, as this can result in inflammation post-surgery. Muscles, joints and bones that are in good condition have a better chance of an optimal recovery period. Combining cardio-vascular optimising exercises such as cycling, swimming or running with gentle exercise such as water conditioning or yoga can improve the health of your body. Improving the blood flow within your body can make your recovery period much better, and can aid in scar healing. Exercising can greatly lower the risk of complications in theatre, so this is a great way to prepare for your surgery.  


Stop Smoking 

Although you might be tempted to smoke due to stress and anticipation, smoking is one of the most negative things you can do in the lead up to your surgery. It is highly recommended that you stop smoking both before and after your surgery as there is a high possibility of tissue death while smoking, and tissue production is paramount to successful healing. Ignoring this advice can result in the area where your operation was being lost. Giving up smoking is one of the most important things you can do in terms of healing your body and having a successful plastic surgery. Research how to stop smoking today so you can prepare for your surgery in the best possible way. 


Stop Drinking Alcohol

Alcohol, especially when consumed in large amounts, dries out your skin. Dry, cracked skin makes it more difficult for the surgeon to operate on you successfully. This can result in botched surgery, which is something nobody going under the knife wants. Alcohol also affects sedatives and anaesthetic, which can cause complications in surgery and make your surgeon refuse to operate on you. Alcohol also thins your blood, which can also cause major complications in theatre. Refraining from alcohol after your surgery is also very important as in the preparation phase of your surgery, as alcohol can increase inflammation and mixing it with your medication can be very dangerous. Give up alcohol today to better prepare for your surgery and your recovery.


Listen To Your Surgeon

Your plastic surgeon has done many plastic surgeries, and their advice is incredibly important when it comes to preparing for your surgery. Make sure you ask them any questions about preparation that you have. They will also set out guidelines for you to follow in order to prepare for your surgery. Taking this advice into close consideration and following their recommendations closely will allow you to prepare adequately for your surgery. 


Preparing Your Home

Your home will need to have some changes made to it in order to better recover from your plastic surgery. Depending on the type of surgery you’re getting, it might be more difficult for you to move around. Making sure that your home is rearranged to accommodate you will really help you in your recovery journey, for example putting a bed downstairs so you won’t have to climb stairs. Cleaning your home thoroughly before surgery will help you massively, as you likely won’t be able to clean for a while. Stocking up on necessary supplies and stuff to keep you entertained will help you during your recovery. 


Put Your Affairs In Order

If you have responsibilities, it’s a good idea to make sure that you’re making accommodations to ensure that these aren’t neglected during your recovery period. For example, organising time off work or having someone to take care of your children is a good way to prepare for your surgery and recovery. This way, you will be able to relax during your recovery period and you won’t have neglected your key responsibilities.

Make sure you’re consulting with plastic surgery experts when creating your plan for plastic surgery preparation. These tips have been suggested by experts on abdominoplasty Manchester based. Listening to your plastic surgeon and doctor on your preparation plan are incredibly important to ensure the success of your surgery.