How Skin Reacts To Stress

Stop Stressing Out Your Skin
Are you stressed out? If you are, you’re not alone. Coping with stress has become a normal, everyday part of our society. In fact, on average 43% of adults suffer from stress-related issues like high blood pressure, headaches and lack of sleep. Here’s the major bummer, stress can also rear its ugly head on our skin.
This isn’t exactly groundbreaking news of course. Anyone who is a teenager or vaguely remembers what it was like to be one can recall a giant pimple magically appearing before a stressful occasion – big test, school dance, or driver’s test. The truth is – it still happens for lots of us. However, recent studies suggest that the implications of stress on skin go way beyond embarrassing acne. Conditions like redness, eczema and cold sores can also be attributed to stress and even more alarming for some of us, signs of premature aging.

Too much stress increases free radicals on skin. Free radicals are a major cause of early aging. Plus, while your body is fighting those extra free radicals it’s not getting enough of what it needs to stay balanced, like oxygen. This can lead to dehydration, which dries out the skin and is another contributor to the premature aging of skin.
While we may not be able to see the free radical battle happening on our skin, we know how stress makes us feel and everyone deals with stress differently. Some of these ways may be harming our skin. Some of us may eat too much and it’s well known that fatty, greasy and sugary foods are not great for your skin. Another way people deal with stress is drinking. Not only can this lead to serious issues of dependency, alcohol dehydrates depletes skin of precious nutrients it needs to stay healthy. It’s also important to remember that we use our facial muscles constantly and negative facial expressions like frowning can lead to permanent lines and wrinkles.
So what’s the solution? For most of us, stress isn’t going anywhere. That’s why it’s so important to find ways to de-stress skin. A balanced diet including many fruits and vegetables is a good start and a solid 8 hours of sleep will not only help relieve stress and keep you fresh, it boosts your skin’s natural skin repair. Exercise is also a known de-stressor and naturally releases endorphins, which help boost our natural euphoria. You can relieve stress by taking up yoga or go online to find relaxation and breathing techniques that work for you. There are many easy and inexpensive ways to help de-stress your life and you can find some great ones in this link
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