How Smart People Save On New Furniture

Nothing can transform a tired room like the fresh look and feel of new furniture. How long the appeal lasts though often depends on the quality of furniture we buy. Too many people settle for cheaper pieces because they assume they can’t afford to shop for better. The truth is there are several strategies to getting the quality furniture you want, without paying the inflated sticker prices you see on the showroom floor. Here are some tips to get you started…
Trace the Make and Model
The beauty of the internet is you can research anything at any time if you have the right information. One trick that very few people use is to search online for the makes and models they see at their local furniture store. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking there is only one unit left of the couch you fell in love with at the store. All furniture is mass-produced, and even though some pieces are made in smaller quantities than others, the odds are good you can find your dream couch at another store… and quite possibly for less.

Ask for a Deal
Listen, there is always room to negotiate on home furnishings, no matter what the salesman might tell you. If he or she is not willing to work with you then ask for the manager. You don’t even need to put on your poker face when you make an offer. Many times all you have to ask is: what is the best deal you can give me? This simple question can save you hundreds of dollars by itself. Now keep in mind, those savings could come in the form of a straight discount, or an added bonus like free delivery. It is all free money in the end, so don’t cheat yourself by not asking for it.
Expand Your Search
If you are in the market for furniture right now then one of the best places to begin your search is Here you’ll find a myriad of unbeatable deals on both antique and modern items. Sure, some of it is junk, but there are a lot of wealthy people who need to sell stuff too. The key is to search the listings for several consecutive days. The good stuff goes fast, and if someone is moving into a smaller space then they will take the first offer. Be ready to hop in the car with cash in hand!
Sell First
Do you need some extra money to turn your dream family room into a reality? Why not sell your old furniture first? No matter how little you think of your current couch, there is someone out there who could use it. College students, bachelors and even resellers will be happy to take your unwanted items off your hands for a fair price. You might have to go without a couch for a week or two, but you won’t care if the money allows you to buy new stuff.
Don’t torture yourself by flipping through catalogs of furniture you think you can’t afford. Use the strategies here to get the best prices on quality home furnishings. It really isn’t that difficult to find a great deal if you think outside the box a little. More often than not, it is just a matter of refusing to accept the sticker price.
Captain Geoff has been helping people save money on modern furniture since 2008. If you are renovating your basement or family room then you’ll definitely want to see the deals he’s found at

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  1. I think these are some really useful tips. Everyone of us wants to have modern stylish furniture but unfortunately in most cases hardly anyone can afford. But there are ways to find something that suits ones needs, one just have to keep looking.

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