How Smart Runners Manage Chronic Back Pain

As beneficial as running can be for your health, it can also take a toll on the body, and can be especially problematic if you suffer from chronic back pain. Many smart runners have found effective ways to manage their back pain so that they can continue logging in their miles on the track or road. Following these four tips can help you keep your chronic back pain under better control so that you can continue running.

Stay Strong

In addition to running, you’ll want to include other exercises to keep your body strong. A stronger body will help correct any muscle imbalances or instabilities that may be contributing to your back pain. You’ll want to make sure that your core, hamstrings and other muscle groups that help support your back are kept strong. Strengthening these muscles in the gym with weight training is advisable. Staying in shape can also keep extra fat from accumulating around your gut, which is also known to exacerbate back pain.

Get the Right Gear

The running gear that you have can either make your back pain better or worse. The shoes that you wear should have adequate cushioning to buffer some of the impact on your body from your feet hitting the ground. A shoe with a lighter weight may also put less strain on your back. Running apparel that’s too tight and restrictive can also exacerbate back pain.

Explore Infusion Therapy

If your chronic back pain is particularly bothersome and isn’t getting better with traditional over-the-counter or prescribed pain medications, infusion therapy may work for you. Instead of taking oral medications, chronic pain services include the administration of certain types of medicine intravenously to try to give you some relief from your chronic pain. Many people with chronic back pain have experienced good results with lidocaine and ketamine infusion therapy for pain management.

Try Acupuncture

Acupuncture has provided natural pain relief for many runners. A skilled acupuncturist can insert small needles that penetrate just beneath the skin’s surface to areas around the back where chronic pain is located. The practitioner can also insert these needles into specific acupuncture points on the body to achieve the desired effect. The goal is to generate a natural healing response from the body by promoting better energy balance and flow.

Being proactive in treating your chronic back pain will be beneficial for your running goals. Any of these methods for pain management can help you enjoy running more by minimizing the discomfort in your back.