How Storage Containers Make The Move From Home To Dorm Less Stressful

It’s no secret that making the move from home to a college dorm for the first time can be quite stressful.  It’s stressful for the student and it’s definitely stressful for the parents.  The leaving home element is more than stressful enough, but there is also the matter of moving belongings to consider.
If the college is close by, you may luck out, but if it’s in another city or across the country the stress level can really rise.  Hiring movers for a move to college seems unnecessary; yet renting a truck yourself is a huge inconvenience.  Here’s how using portable storage containers can make the physical part of the move a whole lot easier.

It Comes to You
When you sign up with a company that provides portable storage containers, they will bring it to your home.  That means, they will come by and leave it in your driveway or wherever you instruct them to put it.  No driving around looking for a truck to rent, just a phone call and then wait for it to get there.
You Can Pack It
Another benefit about using these containers for the dorm move is that you get to pack it yourself.  And you can usually have it delivered in advance, so there is no pressure or rush to get it packed quickly.
This means you are less likely to forget things, and you can pack it the way you want.  It’s always a good idea to follow efficient packing principles, but you can utilize the whole container from top to bottom.
No Storage
If there is any kind of gap between the time you have your container packed up and the time you are scheduled to move into the dorm, you don’t have to worry about storing your stuff.  The container is basically a storage unit all on its own and most reputable companies will gladly store it for you while you wait.
It Meets You There
When you opt for portable storage containers for college dorm moving, all you really have to do is show up at the dorm.  The company will deliver your container to the dorm on the day you specify, so you can unpack and move your stuff in.
With so much to do, and the symbolic nature of moving into a dorm for the first time, removing this aspect from the list will make the process easier for everyone involved.
This post is brought to you by Henry Lawrence, a first year student studying psychology in Canada. When it came to moving to his new dorm, he relied on They offer professional and reliable Edmonton storage solutions that made his transition simple and easy.