How To Add Lift To Limp And Lifeless Locks

Some women are lucky enough to have thick, bouncy hair that is full of life. Most of us however don’t, and we spend our life trying to find miracle solutions to add life to our thin, limp hair!
If you’re like me you’ve probably spent longer than you think on trying to make your hair look thicker and fuller, and hopefully it hasn’t been wasted time but if you’re still looking for that magic fix, here I’ve listed some tried and tested tips that have worked for me…

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Shampoo and Conditioner
Probably one of the most well known, but most underappreciated, methods has been available for years to women in need, and might be the most advertised solution there is! It seems every other advert on television is for volumising shampoos and conditioners, and there’s more than one advert in every ladies magazine there is.
Shampoos and conditioners are made with different formulas for each hair type, and as a result the ones for fine, lifeless hair have a light formula so as not to weigh down your hair, and also contain extra conditioners to help improve its overall condition. Look out for thin hair treatment shampoos or bottles that say ‘volumising’ as they’ve been formulated to do exactly what you want.
Wash Less Often
People with thin hair will also uually find they wash their hair more often than others, since fine hair starts to look oily quicker than thicker hair does. This is because the scalp naturally produces an oily substance called sebum that travels down each hair and coats the hair shaft, and if you’ve got thin hair the oil to hair proportion will get imbalanced quicker!
Every time you wash your hair these oils are stripped from it, which essentially causes your scalp to overproduce oil to try and compensate, making your hair oilier the more you wash it! Try washing it less often and you’ll find your hair isn’t greasy so fast and therefore looks more lifted and full of life after a couple of weeks.

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Try a New Haircut
Most people don’t know that the style your hair is cut into can rapidly change how thick or thin it looks, so if you suffer from limp and lifeless hair why not change your haircut? Try going into the salon for a consultation first and explain to the stylist why you want your hair cut, and that you want the desired effect to give it more life and thickness. They can suggest some great ideas that will both offer you a thicker look and will suit your face shape too.
For instance, some light layering can instantly create the appearance of volume, and some strategically placed highlights can make hair seem twice as thick as before. Don’t opt for a heavy cut that drags your hair down. If you’re feeling brave why not go for a drastic cut and have a pixie cut chopped in? It hides thin hair almost completely and can look super trendy when styled right!
Do you have any more volumising tips to add to my list? Please leave a comment below!
Michelle Star writes for Merritts for Hair on all things hair and beauty related! From hair treatments to curling irons and straighteners, her bathroom shelves are overflowing with every haircare product under the sun!