How To Apply For Australian Visa For Aged Parent!

Australian Visa For Aged Parent

Now that you are well settled in Australia and you want your parent to come over, it is understood that you need to apply for the visa in order to bring your parent from your homeland.  Well, here we are going to give you nuances so that you can easily get done so that you can easily sift through the process and you can welcome your parents.

In order to apply for the visa you need to follow the process and decorum to keep the process rolling when it comes to filling Australian aged parent visa application, then you need to keep certain pointers in mind so that you are sure that you are taking things in the right manner.

With different aged parent visa categories that are there it is necessary to know about them and in accordance select the plan that would be more beneficial in coming times. Before we move on to see the different parent visa option it becomes important to know about the basic requirement and the eligibility criteria so that you can easily take things in the right stride.

Essential Requirements of Parent Visa!

  • The applicant must be the parent of the An Australian citizen or individual holding permanent residence card (PR) who has spent at least 24 months in Australia.
  • Passing balance of family test is an essential requirement of the department of Immigration and border protection, which requires more than 50 %of the parents children lives in Australia permanently.

If you are unable to fulfil the above-mentioned criteria then you are eligible for the visa application. In addition, if you are able to meet the requirement then you can easily go ahead with visa application so that you can take up things in the best manner.

Different Parent Visa Options in Australia!

  • Aged parent visa (Subclass 804) this visa lets parents of settled citizen or permanent resident to live in Australia permanently, apart from that parent must be old enough to get Australian aged pension. The only and biggest drawback of this it takes years to get approval.
  • Parent visa Subclass (103): this can be applied onshore, but there is no provision of bridging visa.
  • Contributory Aged parent visa (sub class864): it is more of a temporary visa that lets parent of Australian citizen or permanent residents to live in Australia for stipulated period.

In order to get the visa, you need to follow rules and regulation so that you can easily live with your parents. It is important to do the research so that Australian aged parent visa requirements are fulfil and then you can easily apply and get the visa without any issue.