How To Be A Good Customer Service Person

How To Be A Good Customer Service Person

Customer service is very important in the E-commercial era. A good Receptionist can bring in more customers to your company and make them happy to return. But do you know how to provide good customer service? I can give you some advice:

First, you should listen to your customer’s frequently asked questions, and list them on the Q&A portion of your website, so you can save time. When a customer comes to you, you can simply check the list and answer them easily. Then most of the time, when a customer has a question, all you have to do is simply check the list and answer accordingly. If they have a new question that you haven’t heard before, make sure you write it down in your notebook.

Secondly, even if they scold or insult you, you should never get angry, much less treat them as if they are invisible (internet or telephone customer).If you talk back to them, they will gain a poor impression of you and your company, also you will be unhappy all day, perhaps give up your job. You must calm down, and slowly talk to them; make sure they get the best answer and solution. For example, last week I rented a camper-van in campervan hire brisbane, when I came to their office to pick up the van, the receptionist was dealing with a very difficult customer, but she was very calmed and friendly. Finally, the customer were calmed down, and was satisfied with the service he received. It is a good idea if you can have your chat system run online all the day even if you’re off the work, because your customers will think you and your business are very diligent and value customer service. Keep in mind you should leave a message for your customer to say you are off work, and will get back to them as soon as possible.

Thirdly, do not offer discounts to your customers randomly; the direct effect of discounts is they will keep asking you to keep cutting prices. Don’t sell to your friends too much, because they will always ask you for a discount. You can build a forum or message board (Even a self-service answer channel), let your visitors put their questions on it, and you can answer them politely as soon as possible. This is the special quality of message boards, some time you can get the deal from these rather than direct chat, because some Psychology surveys show customer always like to view the reply of their post.

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