We aren’t able to sport traditional menswear outfits during the summer, but this shouldn’t stop us from being fashionable. You wont be able to wear your camel overcoat, but with the following pieces of knowledge under your belt you’ll be staying cool and looking sharp in hot weather.

Clothes Should Be Lightweight

Certain denim, wool, and heavy materials are out of the picture. These are going to have you sweating, overheating, and probably feeling uncomfortable. Instead let’s aim for apparel lets more lightweight so there’s better airflow and mobility. Consider wearing materials such as:

Linen: A very breathable and light fabric with a unique texture makes this the best summer candidate. It also dries fast and won’t retain much moisture at all. For the gentlemen that enjoy wearing blazers and suit jackets, you’ll want to pick up a linen jacket to combat the heat. Pants, shirts, and shorts are other apparel you should get this fabric in.

Cotton: You probably could have guessed this would be mentioned due its lightweight, affordable, and breathable nature. Most men enjoy cotton for most of their clothes, especially during the summer.

There are a few different weaves of this fabric you should become familiar with when shopping. The first is twill which is composed of diagonal ribbing with fine threads. It creates a light cloth and is fantastic for suits and jackets. The second is poplin and it is made of two different sized threads. This creates very small air pockets thus making the overall construction more breathable. You will come across polo shirts and pants in poplin most commonly. One of the lightest cotton weaves is called seersucker and is typically more expensive as it’s difficult to produce. It has a naturally wrinkled appearance you’ll find on shirts and pants.

Silk: Definitely the fanciest out of the summer appropriate fabrics. While it tends to be fragile and more costly, silk is very lightweight and comfortable against the skin. T-shirts and polo shirts are some of the best apparel to get in this material. Pair any of these with some RayBan sunglasses and you’ll look the business!

Best Men’s Summer Shoes

We actually have more choices for footwear during the summer than any other season. Traditional shoes like oxfords and derbys can still work given the right circumstances but the following shoes will up your style and comfort the most.

Loafers: These offer the perfect balance between looking and feeling good. You can wear these for casual, business, and formal events or anything in-between. Brown or tan are the most versatile and will pair well with summer colours. Calfskin or full grain leather will yield the best appearance and quality but suede is a wonderful choice for more casual outfits. Penny loafers or a pair with a very simple design is all you need.

Boatshoes: A very casual shoe that is great for golf, hanging out in the backyard, and easy-going activities. They are typically composed of a leather or canvas with slip-on or laced closure. Brown, tan, and blue are nice colours that you’ll have no trouble matching with your summer attire.

Sneakers: Every gentleman requires a simple pair of low top sneakers when he doesn’t need to be overly fancy. White works the best since it creates a base for the rest of your outfit to build off of. It doesn’t need any big logos or extra detail, just a simple white sneaker. You can wear with them with chinos, jeans, shorts, and they will also look fashionable.

Summer Clothing

Now that you understand what fabrics we need to wear in the heat, you’ll have an even easier time choosing the right clothes. These are some of the staples you should have in your wardrobe during the summer.

Shorts: Cotton and linen are some of the best choices for shorts. They should optimally land just above your knee and have a healthy amount of space to move freely. Khaki and white will match with practically anything but salmon, light blue, and pastels work awesome during the summer too.

Chinos: Your go-to pants should be chinos as they are a twill fabric making them lightweight, durable, and stylish. Khaki is the colour most men opt for since it can be worn at the office or with casual ensembles. White, navy, and olive should be considered as well. Chino pants can have some slack to them while still looking great so don’t fret if you don’t have a perfect slim fit.

Polo shirts: The sleeves should hug your bicep, the collar should be crisp, and it should have some looseness in the midsection. Polo shirts have a great blend between casual and formal elements. Wear one on top of shorts with loafers for a classic summer look.

Dress shirts: Cotton or linen dress shirts are amazing for the hot weather. They will add a hint of class to your outfits and can be tucked in or left loose. You should also leave a couple of buttons undone to stay cool and create a relaxed look. Tassel loafers, chinos, with a tucked in dress shirt and sunglasses will make you feel like Brad Pitt. White and light blue are staples but don’t be afraid to mix in some bright colours.

Staying cool and stylish in the hot weather isn’t overly complicated. Stick to lightweight fabrics like cotton, linen and silk if possible. Breathable apparel like chinos, shorts, polos and dress shirts will be a big component of your outfits. Loafers will make any summer look more classy but boat shoes, moccasins, and sneakers are great casual choices as well.