How To Break In Your Dr Martens

New shoes? One of the biggest issues most of us find after purchasing a new pair of shoes or boots is actually wearing them in. New shoes can be a little tough on our delicate feet and the phrase short and often comes to mind. For instance, only a fool or someone with a blister-wish would wear new shoes on a ten mile walk across rough terrain.
Dr Martens are one of the classic boot choices. Comfortable and cool, they’re an investment that lasts for years. However, they do have a tendency to be smelted from iron ore and can be terribly hard to break in. Here’s a guide on how to get those Doc Martens as soft as a glove.

Straight out of the Box

Dr Martens are going to hurt if you wear them straight out of the box – simply, there is no alternative to this. Dancing and running marathons in Dr Martens is strictly forbidden for the initial period. Don’t wear them for a long time and even then be aware you may give you a hard time.
Of course, it all helps that you’ve got the right fit in the first place and your shoes fit you. Try on your new Dr Martens in store before you go about buying them – this of course, saves a lot of the problems. When trying them on wear the boot socks you normally wear with boots, this will ensure you don’t make any adverse calculations based on sock size.
We would advise you to take the laces out of your Dr Martens and with the finest jar of Martens Wonder Balm you can find, rub the seams. This will help to soften the leather in the boots and make them all the more wearable. Polishing your shoes regularly initially also softens the leather and makes the more wearable, fast.

Soft Carpet

Every so often wear the boots for an hour or two. It’s preferable to wear them inside and on a soft carpet. Home is probably the best place as you can take them off and let your feet relax afterwards.
In time you should increase the periods you wear the shoes for. Begin to walk outside with them. Obviously, short walks initially and then increase the length of your treks as your feet and boots become more used to each other.

Every day Wear

Do this for a few weeks and soon you’ll have a pair of Dr Martens you can wear all day every day for the coming decades. They’ll soon feel fantastic and be your favourite shoes, but be patient initially.
If you need to wear the boots initially and are worried about blisters you should cut the toes from some panty hose and wear them beneath socks. This reduces the friction that causes blisters and stops the shoes being so hard on your feet.
However, time is the only cure and the very best way to get your Dr Martens onside for wearing each day and every day.

  • Photograph by IlPasseggero (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0] via Wikimedia Commons

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