How To Break Up Peacefully?

We can’t forgive as long we continue to blame. We can’t love, if we refuse to forgive. It all starts from blame and it is resulted from the wounded ego. Love is all about compassion, not blame. Blaming could us deeper into sadness, while the act of forgiveness could help us reclaim our happiness. In the face of a failure, we should be able to reflect to any hidden part of our psyche. In fact, failures could immediately open the darkest and brightest aspects that are hidden inside us.

Anytime our relationship gets particularly rocky, we could be afraid that it will end in a bad climax. This could happen if we are unwilling to appreciate, accept and understand. The lesson we should take is about accepting and loving ourselves. When we are willing to communicate the deepest truth with ourselves, we could be easily able to regain our love or at least, separate more smoothly.

We should control our ego and put all the poor judgments behind. If we had made mistakes, we should be able to take 100 percent responsibility for them. It is also important to give our partner ample love and space, even during intense conflicts. We should always tell them that we still love them.

If it is necessary to temporarily separate, we should let them know that we need a few weeks or months to let the pain subside. In this case, it is probably necessary to make a conscious agreement that there will be no direct communication. This could give a couple the time to look deeper and determine any unconscious mental saboteurs that hide in the shadows. It is important for each to have an enlightened state of understanding.

Love should be seen as light that can naturally shine through the darkness. Those that are hidden in the shadow may include fears, bad judgments, blame games and one-sided negative beliefs. We can’t see what’s hidden in the shadows if we don’t look closer. If we are controlled by those bad things that hide in the shadows, people and even including our lover could reject us.

We should have that golden flashlight that allows us to be really honest with ourselves and really know what’s hidden within the nooks and crannies of our heart. Once we bring our awareness, it is even possible to unearth some of the hidden goodies from the darkness.

For people who just break up, the situation could be one of the toughest in their lives. We may not realize how much we love our partner and how depended we are. There could be so much pain that it feels like a hot knife is stuck in our hearts. Some people react to this situation by doing positive things, such as juice cleanse and exercise. These activities may make them incredibly alive and clear.

They would have better clarity on deeper issues inside their shadows. We would be able to meet our ex with honesty and gratitude. We would be more reluctant to bring past issues up, because they are no longer relevant.