How To Bring Rustic Charm Into Your Dining Room

Current interior design trends often go back to the old world charm to bring interest and pizzazz to the contemporary homes. Tweaking the traditional styles and making them suitable for modern settings have become popular already. One such old-fashioned approach that has made its way into the glossy, modish settings of houses these days is the rustic style. It creates a peaceful vibe in a space by featuring a smooth blend of different natural textures. Check out these six ways that will help you to bring this approach into your modern dining room.

Make the table the focal point

The cleverest trick of achieving a rustic look is to swap out the furniture with the table being the biggest investment. Splurging money on a classic wooden, farmhouse style table can be the focal point of the place and set the tone for the rest of the room. However, you can go for an upcycled piece crafted from reclaimed if simplicity is what you are looking for.

After that, focus on the seating around it to complete the look. Your mission is to integrate a farmhouse vibe into a modern setting. So, go for the super sleek and classy Eames chairs.

Resort to wainscoting as a proven design trick

Raised panel wainscoting design can give the place a unique touch, both the beadboard and raised panels are popular, and you can pair it up with a rustic chandelier and modern artwork to create a dramatic effect. The fixtures will protect the walls from dirt and spills.

Keep things simple but not boring

Simplicity is the key to both the farmhouse and modern trends. However, the no-frills approach does not mean dull or boring. You can take some stylistic liberties as your only concern should be to keep away visual clutter.

Nonetheless, if you want to create a refined space featuring just the necessities, break the visual monotony with a couple of gorgeous pieces such as an artistic centerpiece on the table, a beautiful chandelier, or some inspirational artwork.

Be careful about choosing the colors

The color schemes can make or break the aesthetic of a room, and it becomes more critical when you are trying to blend in two different styles. White, black, and wooden tones are the most common colors and shades used in a farmhouse setting. The black-and-white combination with warm tones of wooden furniture brings a timeless look. But, light blue or gray walls are the perfect choices to make it more stylish, elegant. If you are still not satisfied, bring splashes of some bright colors or gold and copper accents.

Use your creative flair to keep it unique

Rustic style is simple, but it always looks better when you mix in a flair of imagination. Bring some decorative pieces that may remind you of your childhood. The accessories may include your latest flea market or thrift store finds, a wall filled with artwork pieces, a few rattan baskets, or a sculptural candle holder on the table. These things will give the place a unique personality.

Set up the perfect lighting

A dining room featuring both modern and rustic design traits should rely on natural and modest light. A balance of natural and artificial illumination is the perfect combination. So, big overheads, mood lights, and one or two big windows are always welcoming. The pendant or chandelier featuring candle lanterns will fit into the theme and match to the aura of the room. You can also go for some candle stands on the table and recessed ceiling lights to accentuate the ambient and task lighting.

These farmhouse-style dining room ideas will surely inspire you to bring into your home the coziness, warmth, and pretentious simplicity that are inherent to that design approach. They will produce stunning results regarding your modern space getting a rustic makeover.