How To Buy A New Car From A Dealer

Buying a new car can be a confusing and unpleasant experience. But behind the anxiety and the dramatic theater how does this process really work?

Most salesmen want to sell you a car which will make you feel comfortable. It’s in their interest to make you as comfortable as possible with the buying so that in future when it’s time to trade in for a new car you will come back yourself and maybe even you will recommend them to your relatives and friends. But we shouldn’t forget that the are into business for money. They will try to make as much as profit as they can.

Knowing your shopping style. You should be in control throughout the entire sale experience, and you should be making choices along the way before you step into a dealership. Do NOT let dealers talk to you into anything and tell them that you’re just looking.

Buy What You Can Easily Afford

Calculate what you can afford. A smart buyer looks for a new car based upon what he or she can afford. It will help if you decide, accurately, what your current car is worth and a reasonable amount you can handle for monthly payments.

The Test Drive

Get the most out of your test drive. If you are planning to test drive a few different cars, let the salesperson know that you are still gathering information to make your final decision and you are a serious buyer. Check the car characteristics that are most important to you. If you like listening music, make it your priority to make sure the quality of the sound system is to your satisfaction. If you are planning to have frequent passengers in the back seat, get in the back and fasten your seat belt for the full effect.

Be Willing And Ready To Walk Away

You don’t need to be crusty about it, but be firm in what you’re willing to pay and accept in the negotiations. No car salesman is going to lose anything on a sale, but even a few hundred dollars is better than a none deal. If he wants to make a sale, he will come to agreements that are acceptable, make the deal quickly and try to pull a fast one on the next costumer. But if he insists on trying to smother you, then politely say goodbye.

When you are planning to make a large purchase, do not leave anything to chance. The only way to improve your chances of getting the best deal possible is to do your homework before you purchasing. If you know what kind of car you want, and what your rights are, you will have a positive car buying experience. Do your homework and get ready to have fun on the open road!

Brian Reeves is an occasional shade-tree mechanic, do it yourselfer, and contributer to the car section at the website Build Fix Make.