How To Buy An Armored Car

If you’ve been giving serious thought to investing in an armored car, chances are that you’ve questioned your sanity from time to time along the way and wondered what on Earth is persuading you to take such a decision. Whether looking to fulfill childhood dreams of joining the A-Team or simply looking after your nearest and dearest, there are plenty of valid reasons why you might want to invest in an armored car – aside from the obvious bragging rights.

Contrary to popular belief, armored cars:

  • Come in literally every size and shape imaginable
  • Can be customized in infinite ways
  • Are perfectly road legal
  • Are often incredibly affordable

So, if you’re looking to convince yourself or anyone else around you, keep the following arguments in mind and quit questioning your motives:


A no-brainer if ever there was one…we live in a dangerous world today, which is as unfortunate as it is escapable. Nobody wants to spend their life paranoid and expecting hideous things to come about, but at the same time we’re also told to plan for the worst and hope for the best. Invest in an armored car and no matter what the world has to throw at you and the family, chances are you’ll come out smelling of roses.


One of the best ways of picking up an armored car is to look into retired military and police vehicles sold over auctions and classified listings. More often than not, you’ll find bargains the like of which you wouldn’t believe!

Investment Value

Just look at what happened once a few trend-setters decided to make the Hummer the next must-have in terms of desirable cars. A massive, boxy military vehicle became more stylish and sought-after than all the Ferraris in the world combined. So pick your armored car wisely and you might just see its value skyrocket.

Why on Earth would you want to blend in seamlessly with everyone else and their homogenized brown station wagons, when instead you could roll around in something that turns heads for the right reasons?

Back Story

You never known how many famous faces and world leaders your chosen armored car may have protected in the past – and if you don’t know you can always make something up!

Clean the car up and slap a few of the above stories into the equation, and more often than not you’ll be left better off when you finally decide to part ways with your armored car.

Owning an armored car is to make a statement that you will not be pushed around by the less-desirable elements of society and that you are NOT one to be toyed with!

Edward is a contributor for HertzRent2buy the French division of Hertz which sells quality used rental cars.