How To Buy Celebrity Photos For Editorial Use And Blogs

Where can I buy celebrity photos
Celebrity news is one for the most popular searches on the internet. It is almost a guarantee that your digital media will be spotted and read if you use celebrity photos in your content. But not all of us have access to or the money to buy celebrity photos that will boost our views or increase our readership.

Buy your celebrity photos for a discount and get more readers!
Celebrity photos can be purchased for less than a piece of pizza. If you are savvy enough to check out all your options, celebrity photos could be as low as $1 usd per photo. If you are posting celebrity photos on your blog, your website or other digital media, know that you are buying quality celebrity photos that are safe for you to use and provide you with the photo rights to use them. If you choose not to purchase the photos, you could be setting yourself up for issues down the road if you don;t have the correct rights to use the celebrity photos.
Do it right the first time so you know you are in the clear
when you buy celebrity photos you will be buying the photo for you to use on blogs, websites and some paper media. Buying the celebrity photo means you will be granted editorial rights to the photos, rights that let you use the photo in editorial ways. The celebrity photo can not be used to promote a product, the photo is not transferable and it is best to read the sellers definition of where and how you can use the photo before you purchase. Misuse of the photo under the defined editorial rights could get you in hot water. Just because you buy a celebrity photo does not mean you can use it as you please. If you do it right the first time and honor the editorial rights of the seller, you will be using the celebrity photo and get it for a great price.
Where to buy celebrity photos that you can use today
There are a few stock photo agencies that let you buy celebrity photos online. When you buy celebrity photos through this resource, you can download the photo immediately after purchase and use it for your digital or paper editorial needs. Single photos start as low as $1 USD and if you are savvy, you can purchase celebrity photos for as low as 75 cents. The more celebrity photos you need, the less expensive they are, so think about your celebrity photo needs in advance so you can save money.
Crestock is an online stock photo agency that sells celebrity photos to their members. Single photo purchases for web use start at $1 usd. If you need more, check out their packages and save on bulk orders. Your credit package will last over time so you don’t need to buy all your celebrity photos at once. With 40,000 new photos added each day to the Crestock library of celebrity photos, use your credit package to buy photos that are new and current.
Other options to find celebrity photos that you can buy and obtain the rights to use these celebrity photos are Celebrity 8×10 that has a range of photos from current celebrity and movie photos to vintage celebrity and movie photos. Prices start at 99 cents and go as high as $5.99 USD for an 8×10 photo.
Celebrity photos are not that hard to find and you can buy celebrity photos without breaking the bank. Remember to use the celebrity photos as outlined by the stock photo agency to avoid any hassles or incorrect use of these editorial images.
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