How To Buy Made To Order Window Shutters Online

Window shutters have risen in popularity over the years due to being more stylish, private and convenient than blinds or curtains. Many people like the simple elegance of window shutters and the fact that they can be made to order depending on the style or design of their home.

Made to order window shutters can be ordered online quickly and efficiently without the hassle of browsing through hundreds of ranges in a store. 

Window Shutters versus Curtains or Blinds
There are many reasons that people decide to go for window shutters over curtains or blinds, the main one being that they look a lot better and organised.

The thought of rickety blinds, tangled up curtains and messy looking windows is enough for most people to opt for shutters instead.

Window shutters also provide more privacy, as they can be fully shut and locked ensuring your home is kept safe and away from prying eyes.

Finally, shutters are more energy efficient as they can keep the heat in your home during colder months and block the hot sun out during the summer.

Picking your window shutters style and design
Before looking online for window shutters, it is important to decide on the style and design you would like for your home. There are various shutter styles to choose from such as:

Café – These provide your home with a half shutter and half window style, perfect to let the light in whilst still keeping your privacy.

Full height – Completely covers the entire window for optimum privacy and blocking of light.

Triangle, Circle or Arc – Perfect for oddly shaped windows such as above doors or in attic rooms.

All of these styles can be chosen in various different materials and designs, depending on what would suit your home best. You can even pick the colour of your hinges to match the other metal accessories in your home, such as brass or stainless steel.

It is important to decide on the size of the louvre on your window shutters too, these are basically the gaps between each shutter when they are opened. The smaller louvres will provide your home with more privacy and less sunlight. Of course, the larger you go the more light will be able to enter your room.

Finally, pick the colour or finish of your window shutters depending on the look of your room or home. For those who wish to have window shutters outside, think of how the weather may affect colours such as white and opt for something that will wear well. Also wooden shutters may need periodic protection treatments.

Buying your made to order shutters online
Once you have decided on every single detail of your made to order window shutters it is time to find somewhere that will make them for you!

If you were struggling with ideas on colours or designs, then looking at various websites may give you a better clue as to what will look best in your home. It is important to remember that the colours you see on a web page may look slightly different on the finished product, however.

You will need to measure your windows accurately using a tape measure in order to supply your chosen company with the dimensions for your new shutters. This can be difficult for oddly shaped windows and differ for each company, so ask their customer services for help if you are unsure.

Lastly, let your chosen online shutter company know what colours, styles and design you want along with the quantity of each. Even if you cannot see what you want online, they may be able to make it up for you so just ask.

Having made to order window shutters can be a great asset to your home, as they are completely unique to you.

Better than curtains and blinds, shutters can enhance your privacy and security as well as letting in as little, or as much, light that you require.

Remember to take into account all aspects of the window shutters that you want, from colours to the metal on the hinges. This will ensure that your shutters are perfect, complementing your home and décor.

An article by Nathan Griffiths, who thinks windows shutters could be a great addition to your home.