How To Celebrate A Healthy Halloween

Halloween brings a flood of memories from childhood. Many people have experienced dumping a bag full of candy bars on the table and sifting through it like these are contents from a treasure chest. To do this is fun and exhilarating, what with all the free loot you can have. But because of it, it’s easy to forget that these candies can be unhealthy, with all its calorie content and sugar.

Is it possible to eat all these Halloween candies without any consequences to you health? How can you indulge in these sinful goodies in a healthy way?

Take Control
The key is in taking control of the situation. There may be loads of candies on you or your kid’s bag and bucket, but these do not have to ruin your diet or send you on a sugar coma. The worst thing you can do is to indulge on all these candies in a day. Control means you have to pace and allocate what you eat for several days, or even weeks, so that you do not pig out. Control means promising yourself to portion what you eat.  Control means having the willpower, which can be hard to do if you see all these candies lying around.

Do Work Outs
Part of taking control is to consciously make an effort to indulge in physical activities and exercise routines. All these sugar in your body can be burned off with the proper workout. However, this doesn’t mean that you have to compensate exercise for eating all those candies, because there are still other ways those candies can affect your health. And exercising alone won’t be able to fix this,  such as with developing cavities and tooth decay.

Hide The Loot
It may make you the party pooper of Halloween, but hiding the loot may be helpful especially if you have kids in the house. Can you imagine the sugar rush it will give them if you let them indulge in these treats? On the night of the Halloween, you can probably let them indulge with a few of their favorite treats. Have them pick some of these from the pile they’ve received and then keep the rest of it by stocking it up really well in a secure place, where you are the only one who can give it to them.

Don’t let them indulge on so many sure on that same night. No one in your house will be able to get some sleep from all the sugar rush.  And while you’re segregating the treats, it may also be a good idea to throw away or set aside candies you think may be stale or will will easily go bad if you keep it in stock. You really have to filter though all those treats well. Not everything should be kept or eaten.

Practice Oral Care
It’s very important to brush your teeth each time you indulge in these sweet treats. You understand what sugar does to the mouth, and it would be risky to put off cleaning or applying hygiene for this. Of course as adults, it’s easier to practice oral care. But if you have little kids in the house, it would really help to emphasize this and insist on it.

If possible, monitor your children’s brushing habits after indulging in Halloween sweets. They could be doing the brushing wrong, in which case, cavities and tooth decay can still develop. While it may be an extreme method to do, it may also be a good idea to visit the hygienist after the holidays, so that you and your whole family can get proper teeth cleaning.

Halloween is supposed to be a fun filled day with all those candies and costumes. But it’s not an excuse to forget about making smart choices when it comes to keeping sugar and calories at bay.

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