How To Change IMEI Number On iPhone

How To Change IMEI Number On iPhone

Welcome to my special guide on how to and why you should IMEI Changer. Straight to the point these are the simple steps you need to take in order to be successful in your attempt to IMEI Changer lock

  • First of all download the IMEI Changer tool
  • Unzip the tool on your computer and run the installation wizard
  • Once the installation is completed connect your iPhone to your computer
  • Select the model of your iPhone and proceed
  • Now the IMEI Changer process will be in progress
  • After a while the change will be completed and your iPhone will be automatically rebooted
  • After the reboot you will need to get the latest iTunes version
  • Update and Restore your iPhone on iTunes

As you can see there are only a few simple steps that need to be followed. So far the IMEI Changer tool has proven to have massive success and it is highly efficient if the provided instructions are followed properly.

Change IMEI number on iPhone

The answer is yes. So far even the newest models such as iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+ can be changed so it is no problem at all to handle older models. The iOS supported versions are also all supported including the iOS 8 versions.

The IMEI Changer tool has user friendly interface and it is very simple for use. 21. You can find the best online casinos listed above. These are the top online casinos for Indian players. Each has different functions and features that are sure to inspire you too. The two things you have to do are read Online Casino Reviews and choose one that suits your personal needs and preferences. Because every player has different requirements for what the term: “Best Online Casino” means for him or her. Once you download it, unzip the files and install the tool on your computer. Make sure that your iPhone and PC are connected and run the tool as administrator. Then select the model of your iPhone and provide the IMIE code. After that the tool will do the job almost automatically. Once it finished with the IMEI lock removal you will be asked to create a new account. After your new account is created just go to iTunes and do Update and Restore in order to Activate it. Once Activated your device will be set and you can start using it without having any more problems with the IMEI lock feature.

How much I need to pay?

Absolutely nothing. The IMEI Changer tool is freeware software. It is available on the internet from many web portals completely for free. No sign ups, no boring add watching or link clicking. Just press the download button and in only a few moments you will have this amazing IMEI Changer tool. IMEI Changer has caused a lot of problems to many users a solution for this problem was expected to emerge. And it did. A group of amazing software developers has managed to create the perfect software tool which can IMEI Changer and remove the lock feature from the devices.

Is it safe?

Absolutely.  100% clean of viruses and it has anti-user detection so it will be impossible to be detected on whether you have used this tool on your device.

IMEI Changer is incredible tool. Download it now and solve your iPhone lock problems immediately.