How To Check Your EPF Balance By Missed Call?

How To Check Your EPF Balance By Missed Call?

Many people think that it is essential to check their employee Provident Fund to know how much he/she have managed to save in his/her account and they are not wrong because it really is essential to check EPF balance time-to-time. Checking EPF balance has become so much easy nowadays that you can get your EPF balance details right through your mobile phone. If you have a mobile you can easily get all the details by providing your valid UAN number and a missed call from a registered mobile number.

Once you give a missed call and provide your UAN number you will receive an SMS containing your PF number, age, name, and balance. The amazing thing about this service is that it is free of cost with the condition that you’re a UAN member.

How can I Activate the Missed Call Service?

If you want to get the EPF balance using the missed call service then you must meet some conditions such as:

  • You need to have a valid UAN
  • Your UAN should be activated
  • One of the most important steps that you need to take is to provide your correct mobile number at UAN portal. If by any chance you have are not having or using your registered mobile number then you need to change the mobile number by visiting the EPFO portal.
  • UAN portal has provided a toll-free number which should be used to give the missed call.
  • You need to link your UAN to the PAN card/Aadhaar number/Bank account.

How do I Check EPF Balance using Missed Call Service?

Pf balance check on mobile You need to first call on this number 011-22901406 from your registered mobile number. Before giving a call, you should remember to provide your mobile number while activating UAN. You should also remember that one UAN can only have one mobile number, therefore, you need to make sure that you have not registered this number before and also make sure that you don’t lose or change this number. If you want to change your number then you have to visit the UAN site and update the number.

Why Prefer Missed Call Service?

Missed call service to know the EPF balance is the easiest and convenient way for anyone who has a mobile phone in his/her hand. And many people prefer this way over the mobile app and SMS facility. Here are the following reasons why you should you prefer missed call service:

  • One of the main reasons that the missed call service is most used by many people is that you don’t need a smartphone to use the missed call service. Whereas for app-based services you need to have a smartphone and internet connection. Therefore, for missed call service any phone can be utilized for the PF balance enquiry.
  • The second reason why missed call service is used by many people is that they would not keep mobile app for such a rare use. Because downloading an app makes people think about his/her data, space on the phone to keep the app, etc.
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