How To Choose A Used BMW X5 Depending On The Year Of Make

BMW has been a leading automotive producer in the market for many years. Its cars have always been luxurious and popular since the origins in 1917. Today the company offers several different options of one of the most famous models – BMW X5. In this article you will learn about the development of this non-aging vehicle.

The 2000 X5:

The 2000 model of BMW X5 is the earliest you will find in the market. This first release was an 8 cylinder model (4.4i), but in case you are looking for a lower price, you should opt for a 6 cylinder version (3.0i) or something from Porsche. This make had also anti-skid system, 4 wheel drive, a hill decent control feature, traction control, and increased safety features, namely front side impact air bags.

The 2001 X5:

In fact this vehicle is a copy of 2000 BMW X5. However, some variations exist due to the presence or absence of various optional features such as head protecting tubular air bags, rear lower body side air bags, or leather sits with wood trim available at super-slick luxury options.

The 2002 X5:

This is the year when X5 had changed the most and got closer to the vehicles of Porsche Cayenne. If looking for 2002 makes you can find yet another 8 cylinder SUV, the 4.6is as well as 20″ wheels, a much more robust engine, and of course more stylish interior. 6 cylinder 3.0i and also 8 cylinder 4.4i models came with a Panorama glass sunroof (same addition can be found in Porsche Cayenne).

The 2003 X5:

The 2003 is absolutely identical to the 2002 year make.

The 2004 X5:

In 2004 the company refreshed style with new taillights, wheels, and a redesigned front end. The 2004 models had different sport upgrades (similar to Porsche Cayenne) under the hood for both manual and automatic transmission models. Here you will also find rain sensing wipers, an optional heated rear seats, and a power passenger seat.

The 2005 X5:

If you are looking for optional luxury features then 2005 BMW X5 is the model for you. In 2005 the company simply renovated the design and added all possible additional features for the vehicles. This is the year, where you are likely to find such features as front and rear obstacle detection and, for instance, Xenon headlights.

Remember that when choosing a vehicle you need to first of all think about the features you would like to have and see in your new car. In this respect every BMW X5 make is suitable for different people and a variety of additional features will make your car as individual as you are. In the case of a used BMW X5 or Porsche Cayenne is a smart option in terms of value, prestige, and undoubtedly ownership satisfaction. After reading reviews from BMW X5 and Porsche Cayenne owners at and comparing your opportunities you will be able to choose the right vehicle for your lifestyle!