How To Choose An Affordable Wedding Dress

When a woman gets engaged, one of the first things she can’t wait to do is go wedding dress shopping. For most of her life, she’s been waiting for the moment when she will walk down the aisle in a dress that is perfect for her and tells the world what kind of woman she is. There is a lot of pressure to choose the right wedding gown, and couple that with the high price point of so many dresses and you’ve got a recipe for a stressful experience.

Here are some key steps you can take to pick out the right wedding dress and not lose your mind in the process.

First, determine your budget and make sure it’s realistic. If you walk into a bridal salon without set guidelines on how much you want to spend, it’s easy to get distracted by all the beautiful and expensive gowns, and wind up disappointed when you realize you simply can’t afford them. Establishing a budget will keep your eyes on the dresses you can afford. You also won’t have to deal with buyers remorse when you come home and freak out over how much money you spent on a dress you’ll only wear once.

Next, be a savvy shopper. You don’t need to buy the first dress you try on that you love. Do some quick internet searches and see if you can find the same dress somewhere else at a more affordable price. Keep your eyes and ears open for sample sales, discount flash sales or warehouse prices. The experience won’t be as fancy as if you stroll into a retail boutique, but if it allows you to get more dress for your money, it’s well worth it.

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It’s also important to be an educated shopper. Walk into the shop armed with pictures of the types and styles of dresses you want to try on and familiarize yourself with their general price points. Research different materials and compare prices between them. The more you know, the easier it will be to get exactly what you want. Think of this as one of your life’s BIG purchases, similar to a car. Think about it-very rarely does anyone walk right onto a car dealership and pay for a brand new car without doing research and negotiation? Nope! And while it’s not always appropriate to barter or bargain, it is always appropriate to be educated when you’re spending so much money!

The moment you slip into the dress that was made for you, it’s true what they say-you’ll just know! But until then, be a smart and savvy wedding gown shopper!

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