How To Choose DD+ Swimwear

Planning to hit the beach this summer? Every woman likes to look her best, and that’s all the more true when it comes to visiting the beach – after all, it’s the only time you’re seen in public in your ‘underwear’!

Choosing a bikini or swimsuit that you’re comfortable and happy wearing can be difficult enough to start with, but when you add in the need for support for a DD+ cup size it can seem impossible to find swimwear that’s both supportive and stylish.

Luckily, there are plenty of swimwear choices out there for DD+ beauties, and here’s my guide to finding them…

Image: Jacrews7

Support is Everything

First and foremost, when you’re looking for a DD+ bikini, tankini or swimsuit you need to have one thing in mind only – support! A plain but supportive bikini top will look far better on you than a pretty, printed top that just doesn’t fit quite right.

Plus, a supportive bikini will ensure you don’t ‘slip out’ the moment you hit the waves!

Look for underwired styles which offer the best support for DD+ cup sizes. Thick straps (not spaghetti-style string ones) will provide some support too, but if you prefer your swimwear strapless, because who wants tan lines after all, make sure you go for something underwired – a strapless, bandeau style bikini with no wiring is simply not strong enough to support your DD+ boobs!

If you prefer to wear a swimsuit, it’s still possible to find ones that offer great support such as moulded cups or hidden cups inside the suit!

Fabric is important too – a fabric that is too flimsy won’t offer much support, so choose high quality brands that use thicker, stretchier fabrics for their garments. You could even opt for a lightly padded bikini top if you’re used to wearing moulded, padded bras.

Look for a Great Fit

Fit and support are not quite the same thing – just because a swimsuit or bikini offers great support doesn’t mean it fits you!

When a garment fits well, it will follow your natural curves perfectly – for the cups, there should be no gap between the swimsuit or bikini and your boobs, but at the same time it shouldn’t be cutting in and creating that terrible ‘four boob’ look either! It should lay flat against your skin.

If you’re buying a bikini, shop for it the same way you would for a bra – the band size is important and should be tight enough to offer support but not so tight it digs in. Look for bikinis that are offered in bra sizes, e.g. 34DD, where possible so you know you’re getting swimwear that fits as well as your lingerie does!

Well-fitting swimwear is also much more comfortable to wear and who wants to be uncomfortable at the beach?

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Buy Separates

This doesn’t apply if you like to wear swimsuits, but if you’re a bikini girl (or even a tankini lover) it’s a good idea to avoid bikinis that are sold as a set. When the bra and brief are sold together they’re manufactured to fit the most common bust size for the dress size, and as the average bra size in the UK is a 36C you can imagine they’re not designed to fit a DD or above!

If you’re a 34F for example it’s likely your dress size will be a UK 10 or 12, but to get a bikini top that fits you might need to go up to a 16 or even 18 – if you buy the set, the bikini bottoms will be way too big for you!

Look for bikinis that are sold as separates so that you can buy the bottoms size that you need, and go up a size or two for the bikini top if you need to. It’s either that or buy two sets in two different sizes, but that will cost you double!

Search for DD+ Brands

If you’ve tried all of the above and you’re still searching for stylish but supportive swimwear, try to find a brand or retailer that offers a speciality DD+ swimwear section – these bikinis, tankinis and swimsuits will be specifically made to fit your curves, so you know you’re getting the best you possibly can!

Would you shop for your lingerie in the non-DD section after all?

Do you have any tips of your own to add?

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