How To Choose Good Solar Panels?

In common solar panel installations, the panel themselves are usually the most expensive. In addition, consumers need to differentiate good panels from the bad ones. There are a number of characteristics that we need to consider. One of them is efficiency and it defines how effective these panels are in converting sun light into direct electricity.

In this case, we need to consider the surface area and the amount of electricity they produce. By choosing efficient panels, it is possible to get a lot more power out of a specific area. On the other hand, panels with poor efficiency may not be able to generate enough power.

However, how can we determine the efficiency of a panel? In general it should be easy to find out the exact details. In this case, we should assume that the panel works under standard condition. In this case, each panel is exposed to 1000W/m2 of sunlight at 25 degrees Celsius. When the sunlight is particularly strong, the amount of electricity will likely to rise. It is also important to take account the actual width and length of the modules.

In general, solar panels are made of silicon and they can provide up to 18 percent efficiency. Recent advances in technology can provide higher efficiency, but the actual improvements are usually slow and incremental.

We also need to consider whether the panels are multi- or mono-crystalline. Mono-crystalline panels are consisted of a single, highly pure silicon crystal that’s very efficient. On the other hand, multi-crystalline panels use multiple silicon crystals with lower efficiency. However, it is usually easier and more efficient to produce. In general, multi-crystalline panels are useful for bigger installations, while mono-crystalline cells should be ideal for domestic installations.

We should also consider ant-reflective coatings, which are available more commonly in the market. Most solar panels have unique texture to reduce reflection and capture more light.

In this case, we should make sure that the panels come with effective anti-reflective glass. Texture glass usually has special speckled patterns if we look closely. It is not easy to gauge the real effects of this glass, but it is believed that it can improve energy yield by about 5 percent. Before installing efficient solar system panels, we should make sure that we get the highest return on our investment.

This means, we should get high reliability, as well as improved efficiency. Solar panel prices have fallen quite rapidly and this makes solar power solutions much more effective.

Sun is the largest source of energy in our solar system and it will burn for a few more billions years. In fact, sun will very likely outlast the last living human in many years to come. We should take advantage of this opportunity and try to harness the power of the sun. It is a good idea to check local stores for low-cost solar power solutions.

It’s a bad idea to ignore this opportunity, especially if we know that the sun won’t go anywhere. It will continue to shine, providing plenty of energy for human civilization.

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