How To Choose New Windows For Your Home

Finding the right replacement windows is essential for maintaining the visual appeal of any working or living space. Old or damaged windows will not provide an adequate level of security or an attractive appearance. Replacements will ensure safety and protection from the elements. Selecting the ideal replacements is a process that can be accomplished by following a few simple steps.

Different Types of Replacements

Factors affecting purchase decisions include base price, cost of installation and additional features. The most appropriate choice will be one that accommodates the buyer’s budget.
The first step is to determine the type of replacement needed. Is there only one window being replaced? Does the replacement need to meet any special requirements for utility or function? Answering these questions will help to narrow down the search field.

Some common types of replacements include double hung or double pane windows. Double hung varieties provide greater versatility because they can be opened from the top down and from the bottom up. Double pane refers to the practice of sealing a gas like argon or krypton between two panes of glass. This increases the insulation effectiveness above that of standard windows.
Regardless of the type selected, a replacement from a hardware store will be much more affordable than a custom design. However, a dealer will offer the widest range of options at reasonable prices. The next step is to find a good local dealer.

Finding the Best Dealer

Search the Internet for local replacement dealers or ask family and friends for opinions and recommendations. It is best to avoid walking into a dealership with no idea of the type of replacement needed. Visit the dealer’s website to view their available inventory. Compare and contrast the available replacements with the measurements that the replacement must fit.
Consult the Better Business Bureau’s website to check up on a dealer’s record of customer satisfaction and whether or not they are licensed. A reputable dealer will have a good knowledge of the replacement process and will be able to answer almost any question regarding the process.
Most importantly, a reliable dealer will be able to provide good information concerning the installation of replacements.

Installation Options

A dealer will likely be able to recommend an experienced local installation company. In fact, some dealers will offer installation services themselves. It may be tempting to avoid installation costs by installing in the home by hand. However, even a slight miscalculation can completely negate the window’s basic functions by allowing wind and weather to enter the home.
At each step, it is best to consult a professional. They are the most reliable sources of information throughout the window replacement process.

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Peter Wendt is a writer and house-flipper living in Austin, Texas. Rather than getting a contractor, Peter has found it much easier, and less expensive, to buy new windows online. Peter has a favorite online vendor who has an online tutorial for measuring windows and how to correctly install them.