How To Choose Phone Repeater For Your Car

A repeater or better known as cell signal booster is a system designed specifically to capture the mobile phone signal from a transmitter tower, and amplify the signal which will be sent to a poor signal area. Basically, a cell phone signal booster system consists of three basic components; external antenna, amplifier and internal antenna.

Mobile Signal Repeater Capabilities

A phone repeater still requires a stable signal, since it cannot create any signal, but only capture, amplify, and send it to a certain area. A repeater will not work well for areas that are not covered by any signal. Therefore, it is very important for you to put an external antenna on the points that have a strong enough outside signal.

Factors Causing Signal Reception Disturbance

Some of the common symptoms are poor call quality, bad Internet, and the lower bar. One of the biggest factors is too far distance from the signal transmitter tower. The further away you are from the transmitter tower, the worse the signal quality you receive. Another factor is disorders that affect the transfer of radio waves and anything else that may block the line of sight between the tower and your phone. In the interference, some of the solid materials such as the thick concrete, brick, fields of metal, glass, and a variety of conductive materials can disrupt the flow of electricity and magnetism, so sometimes even if you have great outside signal and you are not far from the tower, you still only get a weak signal on your phone.

Today there are various types of car phone repeaters that have different strengths and all of which can be configured with different types of antenna to catch the outside signal, as some products of phone repeater have an external antenna that can be integrated with car’s radio antenna. You can purchase various cell phone repeaters online and MyAmplifiers is the best place to get them.

Repeaters for home and office work by broadcasting signals driven to a more spacious room. Most of them have more than one internal antenna so that they can cover a lot of space. But for the vehicle, car phone repeaters do not need more than one internal antenna for space emitted is only one and its size is quite narrow, namely the car’s cabin. Repeaters for vehicles can be divided into two types. The first type is the cradle repeater which combines an amplifier and internal antenna in a single device. This type can only be used by a mobile phone in one work cycle. While the second type is repeaters that are capable of transferring signal into the vehicle, and can be run by multiple phones and SIM cards in the same cycle. This type is commonly used by a group of cars that is traveling together.

You can choose a variety of cell phone repeater which must be adapted to all your needs, such as how many cars you use, how many SIM cards you use at a time, what areas you will pass during the trip, etc.