How to Choose the Best CBD Liquid for Vaping

Cannabinoids are the compounds which give marijuana its peculiar effects, and most people are familiar with the most common one: THC. This compound causes the psychoactive effects or “high” in marijuana users.

CBD is the other well-known compound, and this one doesn’t produce psychoactive effects on its own. Rather, CBD is known more for its healing applications. CBD is often extracted in crystalized form and sold for the purpose of making edibles. But CBD oil can also be used for vaping — you have some options here, so read on to learn what to look for in CBD “e-liquids”.

Why vape?

While you could use a CBDistillery coupon code to obtain a wide variety of CBD products, there does seem to be a “best” way to take CBD. Ingesting the compound isn’t necessarily the best option, as it isn’t water soluble. Many find vaping to be the preferable option, since the CBD diffuses directly into the bloodstream after entering the lungs with this method.

Ingestion requires the compound to first go through the initial digestion processes, where much of its concentration is lost. With vaping, you can achieve the same beneficial effects with a significantly smaller dose. Of course, if you do decide that CBD vaping is right for you, you have to figure out how to choose from the plethora of options.

While clear regulations are still being established for CBD liquids, considering the CBD industry and vape industry practically didn’t exist a decade ago, there are some things you can look out for to ensure the best experience possible.


The easiest thing to check when browsing e-liquids is their appearance. You want to make sure the product looks clear and consistent. Firstly, you’ll want to make sure the product appears well-mixed and hasn’t separated into different layers. Currently, some manufacturers find it difficult to get CBD oil to mix well with the typical bases used in e-liquids. Visual separation basically ensures that uneven amounts of CBD will be inhaled, which means doses will not be consistent with each use.

You should also check to see if the liquid is cloudy. Light should have no problem passing through the liquid. Luckily, this part of the process is easy to get right, and it’s rare for bad products to make it into stores. Still, just as you wouldn’t ingest any other dirty liquids, avoid any vape liquids that look unappetizing.

CBD source

It’s crucial to check the source of any CBD liquid provided for sale. Generally speaking, if you’re shopping for liquid online, you want to rely on websites solely dedicated to CBD. Many reputable sites will even offer discounts for disabilities.

It’s also a good sign if the company readily provides information about their manufacturing process, from the time the cannabis is grown to how the CBD liquid reaches the shelves. A trustworthy source is transparent about what they’re selling and makes all required FDA disclosures.

Once you’ve found a source that seems legitimate, you should ask for test results which show the product matches what the label claims. Unfortunately, the regulation of cannabinoids in the US is convoluted at best. Because of this, it’s always possible that companies may try to pull one over on customers. Without verifiable lab results, there’s no real way to know if a product matches its label.

Device compatibility

You can pick up any vaporizer by Illadelph or the brand of your choice, but you want to be careful when it comes to using CBD oil with it. These liquids don’t necessarily work with just any vape pen out there. Those that operate with cotton wicks are particularly ill suited for CBD liquids, as their oily nature can make residue harden on wicks, rendering the pen useless.

There are some ways to get around this, like choosing a tank with a heating element to keep the liquid from hardening or buying only homogenized liquids guaranteed to work with any pen. Just make sure your products go together, or you may find yourself wasting money.

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