How To Choose The Best One Year MBA Program?

The MBA degree has established itself as one of the sure shot ways to a prosperous professional life and career. Aspiring student from all over the world have made this a sought after degree, and various forms of the program have also developed. Now instead of the three year course, you can also get a one year MBA which has the same potential as the traditional one.

The 12 months program is offered by many universities but you must choose the correct one to get the maximum out of it. Academic excellence of the institution, qualified members of faculty are the common things to look out for, but for the one year MBA, there are certain important things to look out for.

So let’s find out what they are!

International Recognition

Your one year global MBA must be recognized by a reputable international body which will guarantee its quality and relevance in the professional world. The main accreditation bodies recognized internationally are EMDF, AMBA and AACSB.

Make sure your one year MBA has due accreditation which gives you international credibility and status. You might even want to check out the alumni and what they are doing – a good MBA institution has alumni in all walks of like – and who can help you get that important edge early in your career.

Business Experts Participation

An MBA course makes the students prepared to face the real life situations in the industry. For this, the leading colleges invite experts and practitioners from the business world who share their real time knowledge and expertise with the students.

Apart from a sound faculty with qualified academics, your one year MBA program should give you exposure to such industry experts.

Corporate Connection

 The leading institutions offering one year MBA uses insights and knowledge from business networks consisting of international and national companies. It is better if the program you are choosing is driven by the inputs from the leading corporate companies around the world.


You must be able to put your knowledge and skills developed through the MBA degree to test. The course should include several hours of internship or work project under a company which will enable you to determine how prepared you are to handle a professional role.

It is better if the companies listed for internship are reputed ones having a significant market presence – it would help you network as well.

Taking a one year MBA course does not mean you have to compromise. There are various leading universities and business schools like the Bologna Business School which offer one year global MBA for international students.

So look out for the above considerations before going for your MBA course.