How To Choose Best Washing Machine For Your Family

Many families throughout India now own a washing machine as they’re much more convenient than washing soiled clothing by hand, especially when toddlers are spilling sticky foods and colourful fruit juices down their tops every day. In fact, it’s believed that almost half of all households living in cities across the country now have their own washing machine. However, choosing a washing machine can be quite overwhelming, especially if you’ve never owned one before and aren’t really sure what you should be looking for. The truth is, here is no single washing machine that will suit every family. Which washing machine you purchase should be based upon your own family’s needs and preferences. The capacity of the machine and the different settings are two of the most important factors to take into consideration.


Washing machine models in India tend to range in size from around an 8kg capacity to a 13kg capacity. While it’s always tempting to go for the largest model available, it’s not always practical to do so. Larger models are an excellent option for big families, but they’re often much more costly, and take up more room. Additionally, large machines use more water, which can really increase your household bills. Unless you have very high washing needs, it’s sensible to opt for a more modest sized machine. The beauty of a smaller machine is that it uses less water and power, so there should only be a moderate increase in your annual bills. If you’ve got a large family, consider buying a top-loading machine as they often have a greater internal capacity and can handle large loads very well. If you’ve got a smaller family, a front-loading machine should more than meet your needs.


All washing machines clean your clothes with the help of a little laundry detergent, but some machines have special settings that allow you to have much more control over how your clothes are washed. If you’re accustomed to hand washing, and having this control, then you may wish to look at buying a washing machine that allows you to tailor each individual cycle to your specific needs. For example, some machines have a delicate setting which washes at a lower temperature and spins much less vigorously to protect fragile materials such as woolens and silk. Some machines also offer a sanitize setting which washes at very high temperatures to kill bacteria, which is great peace of mind when you have a young baby. If your family regularly need to wash delicate items, it’s certainly worth looking into the idea of purchasing a machine that offers a wide range of customizable settings.

Choose a Machine that is Right for You

Don’t be tempted to choose the same washing machine that your neighbours have, or a washing machine that a salesperson has recommended to you. Unless these people are a part of your family, they have no idea about your personal washing requirements. Your decision should be based on what’s best for you and best for your family, and should take into account your budget and the amount of space available in your home for the appliance. Take some time to consider your needs before making any big decisions, and you’ll end up with a washing machine that you can’t imagine ever being without.